Dysterra Offers An Intimate Base Defense Simulator

Dysterra is a new MMO building simulator game that is currently in development by Reality MagiQ. This game will be an experiment to see how well certain genres can gel. At first glance, this new IP seems to be a Halo knockoff, but it is anything but. This title is more of an open-world crafting survival game where players must battle each other for Terrasite, which is the game’s prime resource. There will be constant skirmishes, raids, and attacks happening on all fronts and players will need to constantly scramble to keep things together. On top of that, there will be also NPCs scouring the map in which will need to be killed for particular items. Terrafire is a natural phenomenon that was triggered when humanity mined into the Earth’s core and it caused rifts across the planet. It is up to the players to stop this before the planet tears itself apart.

Even though the premise of this new title is fairly straightforward, the real meat of the game is about co-op gameplay. Everything from survival to fort defense, Dysterra has semblances of genres across the board. Even though games of this caliber are mostly played like RTS’s, this title gets gritty with its combat by having it be an FPS. Thus, there is even vehicle carnage that can be implemented while traversing the map. There are many gameplay mechanics to balance and the depth that can be found here is akin to the Fallout series. Even though this game is early in development, there has been a closed Beta recently launched which is causing more gamers to take notice.

If You Build It, They Will Crush It

The map on Dysterra is riddled with landmarks to where players must go in order to cease the destruction being caused by Terrafire. Taking over these landmarks is essential in regards to gaining the upper hand of the war. Evidently, seizing these parts of the map can have a major advantage in regards to controlling natural events. Players will be able to remotely induce earthquakes, storms, and other catastrophic events to competing players’ bases. Of course, they can also overtake these landmarks and return the favor, creating a massive tug-of-war of pillaging and destruction. Players will have complete freedom on how they can build their base. There is currently a total of 16 different construction items that can be combined. In turn, this offers almost unlimited variety on how a player can layout their base. There are various doors, stairways, textures, and windows that players can toy with to make their base uniquely their own.

Of course, the base will need constant maintenance and upgrades in order for it to be as effective as possible. Players will need to establish grills, turrets, workbenches, and storages to help them grow. Thus, players can also coordinate with their team and loot other bases in real-time. Naturally, there will be booby traps and other surprises waiting for them. The real task is defending one’s own base through FPS combat. Fortnite has dabbled in this idea, but Dysterra is taking this basic notion to a whole new level. If successful, players can rack up with top-tier loot and make out like bandits. Since this story takes place in a dystopian setting, losing resources can be detrimental to a player’s progress. The environment in this game is vast and unrelenting. Teeming with deadly natural occurrences and prowling predators of all kinds.

The Destruction of Construction

Yes, Dysterra has all manners of NPCs waiting in the wilds. Robot drones will attack your base, and hidden snipers will take pot shots while players are driving down the road. Luckily, there is a wide assortment of futuristic weapons waiting to be plucked from their resting places. The trailer gives a good taste of how they will feel and function. It looks like there will be the standard SMGs and pulse rifles, thus rocket launchers and grenades will also be available. It also appears that some weapons will have a primary and secondary functions. One rifle, in particular, can set up a force field to help support your teammates. There will also be random supply drops happening throughout the map, which greatly increases finding prime loot. Thus, it’s clear that there will be vehicles to utilize to help get around the terrain.

On top of all this, players will also be tasked with looking after their avatar. The elements can affect the stats of your character and things like radiation exposure and cold can affect gameplay. Hunger also plays a factor and players will need to hunt animals and properly cook the meat to fight off starvation. Certain resources can also be used to craft sundry consumables, clothes, weapons, and other tools to help with survival. There are ruins and other explorable areas peppered throughout the map of Terra and there will always be something new to find. After the recent Beta test, the developers have been garnering feedback from players. There has been a good amount of praise for Dysterra and it seems that there might be something unique being formed here. There have already been tweaks and updates with the gameplay. Things like resources being more accessible and a highlighting ability to pinpoint certain items.

The Secrets of Terra

After a hands-on event just recently passed, players all over the world have agreed that Dysterra is in a strong position. This game was scheduled to be released this year, but the developers decided to delay the launch. Now, it is not sure when exactly this game is going to be released, but it is noted that it will be “in the near future.” Whatever the case, there is definitely potential here, and Reality MagiQ is trying to hit all the right notes. Dysterra is slated to be released on PC and possibly on consoles sometime next year. Players who are looking for something that is a strange mix of fort defense, survival simulator, and a high-octane FPS should have this on their radar.

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