Mass Effect’s Alien Bros in Human Form

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By now you’ve probably read my post from earlier today about how Mass Effect needs its own HBO series. One of the obstacles is the elaborate costuming that would be required to craft convincing aliens, but what if that problem had a solution? Human versions of the alien characters, brilliant!

Well, I wouldn’t actually suggest this, but it’s a pretty damn cool art project from Shoko86. In case you’re wondering who’s who, that would be Garrus, Thane, Wrex, Mordin, Grunt and Legion. I get all of them except Grunt. I guess he’s supposed to be a physically perfect super soldier, but it’s a bit strange. Where’s my Liara, Samara and Tali alternates? Though I suppose they’re all a bit more human than these guys. That’s interesting, I never thought about how Mass Effect doesn’t really have a female alien in the crew that looks absolutely NOTHING like a human female. Even Tali has hints of human features under her gas mask.

Update: She did do Tali! Check her out below:

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