Every Reach Stat You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Infographics are kind of a six months ago trend at this point, but this one from Bungie themselves I thought was a pretty cool way to lay out some stats for Halo Reach. Yes, this is only the top bit, and the full graphic is after the jump, so you  might as well skip down there before you read any further.

After the kill total counts, which far surpass the population of earth, we see what upgrades people are most likely to purchase, and how many elite medals have been won. I’ve been introduced to a new slew of medals I didn’t even know existed, as the Invincible, Inconcievable and Unf-believable medals might as well be called “You’re extremely lucky or or extremely good at camping” medals. Or you’re a pro that’s been matchmade with a cat who got their hands on a controller.

Check it out below, and I’d say I’d see you in the game, but I’m all armor locked out, and have turned to Starcraft to fill my “free time for video games” slot these days.

(click to enlarge)

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