Whatever Happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini?

Twitch fans like to keep up on all the fantastic gamers. After all, that’s precisely what he platform is designed for. Whether you’re a fan of eSports, or you just want to watch the masters at work, there are plenty of skilled gamers out there to entertain you. MissQGemini was incredibly popular at one point, but that was before the scandal. Being accused of cheating at video games isn’t a crime, but on Twitch, it’s one of the worse things someone can say about you. Naturally, she defended herself, but ultimately the rumors appeared to be true. Where is she now? We wanted to know whatever happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini, so we looked her up, and the answer might surprise you.

What Happened In The First Place?

Cheating is a big deal. CS: GO players have certainly gotten caught before, but none quite so publicly as MissQGemini. During a live stream on Twitch, she began with a rant about how she’d been accused of cheating because she’s female. After complaining that this was nonsense (in very graphic language), she proceeds to get down to business and start playing. In the recorded stream shows her loading a profile, which immediately shows the other players even if they’re behind walls.

She proceeds to play and then, after a moment or two, apparently realizes that she’s not the only one who can see what’s going on. She then proceeds to ask if anyone else has had ‘this glitch’ and says her friend Rock had it before, but she has it now. That lasts a few seconds, and then she blames someone named “Clara.” She proceeds to explain that “Clara” has been banned for cheating before, then says she let “Clara” Use her computer earlier in the day. She insists that she trusted this cheater on her computer.

After insisting that “Clara” must have snuck a cheater profile on her computer, she then mentions that she was watching Clara play. You might expect that she’d notice if the cheat was active while a known cheater was using her computer in front of her. Or… maybe it’s still that glitch she first blamed on a friend she plays with.

Eventually, she signs off the game, and that seems to be the end of it. Except for one small problem, it might have been the last we ever heard of the issue. Twitch is a live stream, and everything that happened was seen by everyone who was watching. From the stacked excuses that didn’t make sense to the rant about how much it’s unfair for people to accuse her of cheating because of her gender, she shared the whole sad performance with an audience.

So… Was she Banned?

According to ebaumsworld, she was eventually VAC banned. Again, you might think Twitch would ban her as well, but as far as we can tell, that never happened. After a massive backlash, MQG eventually closed her account voluntarily. According to a Tweet, she was never banned on Twitch. However, she did close down that account, and her personal attached Twitter account is private, with only about fifty subscribers. MissQGemini disappeared after that, only to be reborn under a new name within less than a week.

The Djinnnn

While there’s some confusion, it seems that, at least according to Reddit’s Twitch Fails section, she was banned, for a day and then she renamed her account. That would allow her to keep her subscribers and continue playing without her stream coming up when people look for her by her old name. For a while, MissQGemini became TheDjinnn, which did indeed allow her to avoid the bad press. She kept playing, but unlike other successful Twitchers who have come under fire and kept their streams going, Clara, or MQG or The Djinnnn, didn’t make the grade. The account formerly known as The Djinnnn is no longer available either.


MissQGemini, aka Haley Germaine, isn’t easy to find on the internet these days. She’s entirely disappeared from Twitch in light of the scandal. It seems like she didn’t totally give up on social media sites, however. Haley has a YouTube channel. She does have videos about gaming up there, which is probably isn’t a genius move. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be much of a source of income since Haley only has twenty-four subscribers. As recently as eleven months ago, she uploaded a vid of her playing. Sadly, Youtube isn’t going to be much of a redemption for her, either.

Maybe Apologize?

We know, in business, some high powered people say you should never apologize, but that’s not how it works with fans on social media. If she wants to get back into the publics’ good graces, and we’re not sure if she cares about that, then maybe a genuine apology is in order. The moral of the MissQGemini story is that you shouldn’t cheat. However, if you do cheat, don’t do it live for other people to watch. Also, if you’re going to cheat, and you get caught on a live stream doing it, don’t make up a crazy story after playing a whole round with your cheats active. A genuine heartfelt apology is something most people can appreciate. Even when you’ve messed up so badly that you ranted about how you don’t cheat right before you cheated live, saying you’re sorry will go a long way, and meaning it will go further.

Stranger & Sadder Still

Apparently, the cheating on Twitch isn’t Haley’s only problem. Some years ago, she also perpetuated a story about how she was dying of cancer. A gamer called Moh’Fuggah shared his story about interacting with Haley before she became Twitch famous and then Infamous as a cheater.

Final Thoughts

We’re pretty confident that “Clara” didn’t force MissQGemini to cheat accidentally. It seems like the unfortunate Haley needs more than her own social media stardom. Where is she now? No one knows, but hopefully, after all the attention-getting stunts failed, Haley went and got some help. Being addicted to getting negative attention is no different from other addictions. It’s a severe problem that can ruin your life. More importantly, it can be treated. We hope her absence is a result of staying away from the temptations that led her down the path that turned MissQGemini into a reviled name in gaming. Regardless, we would like to leave you with one final thought. Even cheaters are people. Haley made big mistakes and paid for them. Wherever she is now, we hope it’s better, at least mentally than where she was when she started attention-seeking.

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