How to Find All Fortnite Motorboat Time Trial Locations

Fortnite Motorboat Time Trial Locations

Every week a new challenge drops in Fortnite, and whether you’re a completionist trying to do everything, or just looking to finish week nines’ Chaos Rising Mission Challenges, the motorboat time trial is a great place to knock out a quick challenge. That is if you can find the locations for the timed races. Luckily, we’re on top of all the latest Fortnite news, and with the help of this quick guide, plus some necessary boating skills, this particular mini-event will be no trouble at all. Here’s how to find all the Fortnite motorboat Time Trial locations.

Chaos Rising Challenges

The latest batch of new challenges went live last week, but you can still knock them out quick enough to complete if you hustle. The motorboat challenge is number three, and arguably the easiest one, other than dancing on the three bridges. For those who somehow missed the news, the nine challenges are listed below.

  • Search seven ammo boxes at Holly Hedges or Steamy Stacks
  • Find the rings in Steamy Stacks and skydive through them once
  • Motorboat Time Trial, complete one in any of the four locations
  • Do 250 Damage to opponents from below
  • Get to the Green Steel Bridge, Yellow Steel Bridge, and Red Steel Bridge, and while you’re there do a little dance
  • Make three eliminations with shotguns
  • Zipline in two different matches
  • Make three eliminations within five meters of your target
  • In a single match search five chests
  • Get in the water and deal five-hundred damage to opponents
  • In the Chaos Rising Loading Screen, search the hidden chest

Location One – Center of the Island

Even if you’re a total noob, you’ve still probably wandered around enough to find the center of the island. It’s not hard to recognize since there’s a substantial circular lake with an island (Eye Land) in the middle. It’s probably the most recognizable place in the whole game, and the easiest to find. Start at an edge and head directly across the island until you get halfway there. It should come as no surprise that the most prominent water-based location on the whole island is one of the places you can race a motorboat.

You’ll see a glowing blue icon when you find the right spot. The north side of the island, to the east of the dock, is where you’re headed. No worries if you get lost, circle the shore until you see it. It’s not hiding at all, so you should spot the floating icon with crossed oars and a stopwatch on it with ease. Pro-tip, it’s in the water. You’ll find a motorboat nearby at the dock. All you have to do to start the challenge is to drive one of the boats through that icon.

Location Two – North of Misty Meadows

If you’re at the south end of the island, you’re probably already standing in Misty Meadows. Head north until you find a lake. There’s a body of water between Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake. Again, big shocker, the water is where you’ll find the race location and a boat to complete it. Don’t head to where it says Lazy Lake, though. You need to be on the southern side of the lakeshore to find the icon. The race location is just about central on that south shore. Search the southern coast nearby to get your hands on a motorboat. It’s the same in all the locations. Starting the race is as easy as driving through the icon with a boat. Swimming is not an option, and yes, you have to hit the target to start, but beyond that, there’s nothing tricky to it.

Location Three – Slurpy Swamp Race

If you look at your map, Slurpy Swamp is written on it clearly. A closer look will reveal an “H” shaped set of streams right beside where those words are written. It’s this intersection where you’ll find the third location for a timed motorboat race. Maybe you prefer a lovely narrow expanse of dark bayou over more agoraphobia inducing large lakes. If so, you’re in luck because there’s a time trial made just for you. Keep in mind; the challenge begins as soon as you pass through the glowing symbol. You can’t afford to waste time if you want the credit so you can move on to other challenges.

Location Four – Pleasant Park

Fortnite players know that scenic though it is, so-called Pleasant Park can be anything but. There’s a cove that borders both Sweaty Sands and Pleasant Park on the northeast side of the island. The race location is near the northernmost point of the cove, so finding it may be easiest by just walking along the sand headed to the top of the map. Keep a sharp eye out whenever you’re near water, though. One of the challenges is to damage opponents while you’re in the water, so there will almost certainly players handing out waiting to take a shot at you in all these locations, as though they weren’t doing that enough before the challenge. You’ll have to head across the water to the smaller island once you reach the north end of the cove.

How To Complete the Mission

It goes without saying that you’ll need to be able to drive a motorboat to pull this off. Navigational skills and time are the two most significant things to keep in mind when you’re racing the clock. You need to pass through each of the markers to get this done. The only bad news is that sloppy sailors are going to find this challenge a bit tough. Everyone else should breeze through it, provided no one shoots you in the head for those in-water damage points from a different challenge this week. Fortunately, it’s very straightforward. You only need to complete a single timed motorboat race to complete the challenge.

Final Thoughts

We’re all looking forward to the Christmas Week event, but since we’ve got a little time, knocking out the Chaos Rising Challenges for Week Nine is a great way to pass the time. In case you didn’t know already, this is the final mission of Season Eleven. That’s right; season twelve is almost here already. Do you think you have the motorboat skills to pay the Fortnite bills? Post your time in the comments section.

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