An Alternative Trailer for Mass Effect 3


I can’t seem to shake Mass Effect 3 out of my system, and it looks like I won’t be able to any time soon with free DLC out this summer to hopefully fix the ending.

But it’s easy to forget all that came before it, and I must say I don’t think the game as marketed correctly from the get-go. Why? Well, when you have a fan that’s crafted a trailer better than anything official that was released, you know you’re marketing team probably didn’t do their job right.

For comparison’s sake, the official ME3 launch trailer is below:


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  1. The official trail is awesome, too bad about that ending.

    Really I was hoping that was a trailer for the “Alternative/Extended” ending for this summer.

  2. The alt. trailer had some cool moments, but the pacing with the music and feel in the official trailer definitely works better for me. Sorry, Paul, we still good (formerly Glass2099 if you remember any of my old comments)?

  3. Though the alternative trailer is a spoiler-nightmare it kicks ass more than the official. The build up from start to finish. The score perfectly fits the narration (epic song “Moving Mountain – 2SfH)and visuals in the trailer unlike the official which is so much cluster-eff and that the choice for the musical score didn’t fit the visuals.

    The part I lke the most in the alternative trailer is at the end when Liara said “This is it? Isn’t it? and the visual zoom’s out on the landscape devastated from the reapers attack. It really tells you that this is the last epic battle for Shepard (becomes more epic when he finally face Marauder Shields). This could be more of an epic 2nd launch trailer like that Mass Effect 2 trailer with the Two Steps from Hell Heart’s of Courage score.

  4. I’m not sure why I can’t get this game out of my head either. For me, I think it felt like Shepard was gradually dying through the whole game. Interacting with all the squad mates in the Forward Operating Base in the final mission, I just knew that Shepard was gonna die, it kinda felt like I was talking to people at my own funeral.

    The ending also reminded me a bit of “Out of This World”, where you are grievously wounded, you don’t really know if you survive.

    The ending didn’t help either, seems like no matter the choice you make, you end up killing as many people as the reapers.

    I just feel unsettled.

  5. For those who aren’t aware, there is quite a theory regarding ME3’s ending; more specifically, Shepard’s Indoctrination.

    Trust me, it’ll be an eyeopener if you haven’t already heard of it.

    Bioware’s recently-announced “extended” ending is meant to help clarify (NOT alter) the original ending, and was purposely excluded from the game in order to let fans try to figure out what BW intended.

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