The Roving Psychopath of DayZ

DayZ is a survivalist game where you try to live in a zombie-infested countryside where your character can actually break bones and die from drinking bleach. But more often than not, it’s not the zombies or bleach that will kill you, it’s other players, all of whom want to murder you for your stuff. Just like the real apocalypse!

Anyway, the game is popular with Twitch streamers these days, and one guy, Matt, managed to acquire an in-game stalker that is hounding him to the ends of the earth. Above is the epic conclusion to the saga, which is my favorite video, but you can also watch Parts One, Two and Three there instead if you really want some proper build-up.

In the end, the crazed stalker gets what’s coming to him in the most hilarious way possible. Be sure to watch the entire thing.

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