A Gallery of Pokemon as People

So I’m technically getting around my self-imposed ban on Pokemon stories by having this post be pictures of animated people dressed up as Pokemon, rather than Pokemon themselves. If you say that still counts, I make the rules! I decree this is legit!

Hah, anyway, I just thought this was a pretty cool art project from DeviantArtist HoshiCat. Not the crazy best art I’ve ever seen, but I think it’s a really creative concept. I totally want to see a Pokemon-based Project Runway challenge now. Yes, I watch Project Runway and it is fabulous. Yes, I am straight. Seriously. For real.

Alright, check out the rest of the art below.

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  1. Rapidash should not be blue >:[ also, ShotgunDroid, there was very little to read, so that comment seems a bit out of place. Maybe CPDV, Contains Pokemon, Didn’t View. Or you should just lighten up, either way.

  2. Hallo457: I’m thinking they were going for the Shiny version with Rapidash (if you look again, there’s a star next to the name so yeah. Shiny.).

    And these weren’t bad. Obviously some were better than others (didn’t care much for the Paras and the look on Bulbasaur’s face creeped me out a bit). But yeah. The gijinka ones are better, but this wasn’t bad.

    Also, why all the Poke-hate? D:

  3. @ Paul Tassi: gijinkas, or humanizations, of objects, things or animal is nothing new, especially when it comes to Pokémon. That artist you have featured here is in no way the only one creating them, and most certainly not the one who invented gijinkas either. One of the most popular clubs at deviantART is a club dedicated to Pokémon gijinkas, check it out: http://pokedex.deviantart.com/
    They have over 3,000 members and over 2 million pageviews, that speaks in volumes about the popularity of this thing.

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  5. These were great Gijinka. except for the Suicune. Legendaries have no gender~
    Anyways, Rapidash is shiny, so don’t complain about it’s colour, and yeah. All I have to say about that.

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