How to Beat Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne

Vicar Amelia is one of the earlier bosses that Bloodborne players can expect to come upon. She receives no real mention in the bits and pieces of lore fed to interested individuals. However, there is a fair amount of contextual storytelling, which is more than enough to establish Vicar Amelia as a figure of importance before Yharnam was overcome.

For starters, vicar is a very important clue. In the real world, it is interesting in that it has been used for positions of enormous power as well as positions of not so important power. This is because vicar comes from the Latin vicarius, meaning someone who serves as a representative of a superior. In fact, some people might recall vicarious, which shares the same roots. Regardless, while vicar is sometimes associated with parish priests in the English-speaking world thanks to the Anglican system in which parish priests were divided up into vicars, rectors, and perpetual curates, it is a term that has been used for much mightier figures. In particular, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church once bore the title of either “vicar of Saint Peter” or “vicar of the chief of the apostles,” which was received an upgrade to “vicar of Christ” in the 6th century. In Amelia’s case, her title of vicar means that she was once the head of the Healing Church, thus making her position once very high indeed.

Of course, Amelia isn’t the sole vicar of the Healing Church to have ever existed. After all, the founder of the Healing Church was a man named Laurence, whose skull is presumably the one that Amelia is praying before. Besides this, there are various clues suggesting that the position of vicar has been passed down more than once, meaning that Amelia isn’t the immediate successor of Laurence but rather the latest in a line of successors.

What Do You Need to Know About Vicar Amelia?

Anyways, what matters most isn’t Amelia’s background but rather Amelia’s strengths and weaknesses. Simply put, while she isn’t the toughest boss that can be found and fought in Bloodborne, she is nonetheless one of the bosses of Bloodborne, meaning that she merits a considerable measure of respect. Interested individuals should show this respect by becoming forewarned and thus forearmed.

First, Bloodborne players should bring fire when fighting Amelia, meaning that they might want to stock up on fire paper. Second, Bloodborne players should avoid blunt, arcane, and bolt sources of damage, which are less effective against her than the other options that can be found out there. Third, it should be mentioned that Amelia has a number of weak points. In particular, interested individuals can choose to target either one or both of her legs to bring her to her knees before unleashing a Visceral Attack. Moreover, Amelia’s truest point of vulnerability would be her head, which is capable of taking critical damage. Something that she shares with the Cleric Beast.

How Can You Beat Vicar Amelia?

There are a number of important points to keep in mind when fighting Amelia. First, she has a mix of short-range and long-range attacks, meaning that there is no such thing as a safe distance when interested individuals are fighting her. Instead, they should consider standing close as well as somewhat to the side, which should put them in a better position to get out of the way when Amelia attacks. Second, most of Amelia’s attacks are frontal in nature, though she does actually have some side coverage as well. As such, getting behind Amelia is a good way to avoid the worst of her fury. However, this is far from being a fool-proof method, both because she is by no means helpless when it comes someone positioned to her back and because this means that interested individuals can’t get at her biggest weak spots. Moving on, interested individuals should do their best to stick relatively close to Amelia throughout the entire fight so that they can capitalize on her moments of vulnerability to do some damage before retreating. Be warned that interested individuals should never over-commit because Amelia can and will punish them for getting too greedy, which is something that they should be keeping in mind for every single Bloodborne boss out there anyways.

Attack-wise, Amelia has a lot of swings and sweeps mixed in with grabs and pounds. However, she isn’t limited to physical moves, meaning that interested individuals might want to read up on some of the most interesting attacks that she can unleash. For example, Amelia will sometimes arch her back before howling, which will restore her while providing interested individuals with a chance to get in some attacks. Likewise, she will sometimes pounce in an effort to hit her target with her right claw, which she tends to enter into while she is running on all fours. Fortunately, this is actually something that interested individuals can avoid with relative ease by dodging leftwards. After which, they will have a short window of opportunity in which to hammer Amelia for over-committing in such a major way.

Once Amelia hits 50 percent health, she will enter into her second phase, which comes with some new moves on her part. For instance, she has what one could call an ultimate combo, which can be summed up as four ground slams followed up by a sweep with her right, a backhand with her right, and then a second sweep with her right. This can be managed by either dodging sideways when the player starts off close to her or moving out of the way when the player starts off far from her. Meanwhile, another move would be Amelia’s heal, which can be recognized by her emitting light after joining her hands on her chest. This is something that interested individuals can counter by attacking her as much as possible as fast as possible. Besides new options, Amelia’s second phase is also more dangerous because she will become more aggressive than ever, which is something that can catch the unwary off guard.

Ultimately, beating Amelia is a matter of outlasting her. Bloodborne players should observe her patterns, figure out the appropriate counter moves, and then attack whenever she becomes vulnerable without overcommitting in the process. In this as in other boss battles, patience is actually very important in spite of the fast-paced nature of the whole experience.

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