Unreal Video Game Models: A Look Back at All The Lara Crofts

Lara Croft

I must say that the powers that be made a wonderful decision by making Allison Caroll the newest Lara Croft Model back in August of this year.  Allison is a former Gymnast.   I mean I can pretty much stop right there right?  A ridiculously good looking chick with an English accent who can do splits as easily as jumping jacks.

According to Carroll, “she always wanted to be an action hero.”  Well I’ll tell you what Allison.  You know what would be super?  If you’d pay a visit to my house and give me an in depth private lesson on how you’re able to stretch those legs so well.  I promise you, you’d be my hero.

So in honor of Allison and all that is the Lara Croft character, let’s take a look at all the hotties that have been Lara Croft models.  Which one is your favorite?  Mine is Karima.

1. Katie Price and Nathalie Cook

Lara Croft

This is Katie Price before she was really Katie Price.  For a better picture, check this one out.

These two women along with two other unidentified’s were the first to portray Lara Croft back in 1996 at the European Trade show.  You all know Katie Price AKA Jordan.  Yummy.

2. Rhona Mitra

Lara Croft

Rhona Mitra, another sexy British actress portrayed Croft from 1997-1998.  There’s something very tough about Mitra and I’d love her to completely take advantage of me.  Plus you see her topless in Hollow Man.

3. Vanessa Demouy

Lara Croft

Demouy wasn’t an official model but she was hired in 1997 to promote the character in a specific region.  She was hired by a French Magazine and none of the pictures were used.  Here’s a real picture of her.

4. Nell McAndrew

Lara Croft

Nell McAndrew took over the Lara Croft role from 1998-1999 but was immediately fired from the role due to the fact that she posed in Playboy.  Even though she didn’t pose as Croft, Playboy alluded to that character.  Shame shame we know your name.

5. Lara Weller


She took over from 1999-2000 and I don’t have much on her other than she was 24 at the time and modeled for Tomb Raider:  Last Revelation.

6. Lucy Clarkson


Lucy was the youngest official Lara Croft model and took over the helm from 2000-2002.  She was only 17.

7.  Jill De Jong

Lara Croft

She took over from 2002-2004.  P.S. she started modeling at the age of 15.

8. Karima Adebibe

Lara Croft

Karima was an unknown sales assistant who took over from 2006-2008.

9.  Allison Carroll

Lara Croft

I just wanted to post another picture of her.

*10.  Angelina Jolie

Lara Croft

She was never an official model for the video game but come on.  There was no way I was leaving her out.   Jolie brought the character to life in 2001 and 2003.


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