A Gallery of Team Fortress Pin-Up Posters

It’s a known fact that all the playable Team Fortress 2 characters are decidedly male, but that didn’t stop artist Agent Melon from switching up the gender roles to create these rather awesome pinup posters for Scout, Demo, Pyro, Heavy, Medic and Engineer. I guess Sniper and Spy are just too pretty as is.

For those of you who play this game, is it easy to just jump into, or would I get crushed by a million people who know what they’re doing. I feel like I could pick up some random FPS I’ve never played like Medal of Honor and be just fine, but I think Team Fortress is a lot more niche, and there’s more to understand about classes and gameplay and such. True?

Check out the rest of the pin-ups below:

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  1. TF2 is probably the easiest of the online FPS games to pick up because it’s not a twitch shooter, it’s more arcadey. The objectives are simple and while some of the classes may require some practice to get good at, a lot of them are really easy to play. Also particularly newb friendly: No kill/death ratio. It’s about winning as a team. Just jump into the classic capture the flag mode and give it a try.

  2. Playing TF2 is easy enough, but the sheer number of counters for each class gives the game a steep learning curve. My advice for people starting off is to not be lured by the “instant kill” support classes and just focus on the basic classes and mechanics. Soldiers, medics, and pyros are great for beginners.

  3. Like they said above, TF2 isn’t too difficult. They learning curve is more about learning each class and what others can do to you. My brother just picked it up and he had about 5 kills for the first few hours (not a PC gamer), but now he is playing all the time and is pretty decent. Also, the community is great and most people are more than happy to help you out if you need some help/advice. If you are interested, check out Steam around Thanksgiving. They usually have tons of stuff on sale for holidays and seems like TF2 is always going on sale.

  4. The strength of TF2 I feel has always been the fact that because it is a class based game, there is a role for every type of player and skill level to enjoy and succeed at. If you are going to give TF2 a try, a few pointers that I find helpful are:

    1) Learn to recognize the classes. – One design element Valve focused on heavily was trying to make each class instantly distinguishable at a quick glance. While item unlocks have altered the capabilities of most classes outside of the vanilla launch version of the game, in general a class’s method of attack is basically the same regardless of weapon. Different rocket launchers available to the soldier may have slightly different effects, but ultimately boil down to “get ready to dodge rockets” when you encounter them as an opponent. The same generally applies to most other classes as well. This is probably the single biggest area where TF2 would be an adjustment for players used to a CoD or Halo game, where it is not always easy to determine what type of fight you are getting into with an opponent from a distance. In TF2, there is little doubt what you will be facing.

    2) Play Medic. – Granted, I am a bit biased here being a career Medic since the beta release of the game, but I think one of the best ways to grow your understanding of the dynamic and flow of the game is to play medic. Medic is a good place to start off for a new player, for several reasons. The first, is that you will begin to learn the capabilities of the other classes. When you are supporting your team you’ll get to watch your soldiers and heavies in action. Playing Medic is a great way to learn what not to do with a class, as you’ll often find yourself screaming at the over zealous heavy you were healing who elected to stand in a hallway and take enemy fire rather then falling back. Another plus is that because you are wearing a giant “shoot me” sign on your back you are going to get a crash course in what each class will do to try and kill people, because they’ll be doing it trying to kill you. Secondly, TF2 is a game where having map knowledge is very important, and there are many maps that I still struggle with to find the best paths thru. Well, when you’re a Medic you can just follow that Heavy and hope he knows where he is going.

    3) Play Dustbowl. – Dustbowl doesn’t get a lot of love from people in the competitive community, and that it understandable. However, if you are interested in trying out all of the various classes Dustbowl provides opportunities for all of the classes to shine at their particular skills (Except for maybe Scout). The map is pretty simple to understand and well, it is a stupid amount of fun sometimes too.

    4) Don’t be afraid to ask a question. – Granted it is the internet and trolls abound, but in general TF2 players are pretty helpful to new players, or players who haven’t played in a month and have no idea what that new flame thrower does.

    5) Think about your team, and how your class fits in. – Another hard departure facing someone coming from a Halo or CoD type shooter is accepting the fact that you are a part of a team. The most effective play sessions will be when you find a way to supplement the abilities of your teammates with the skills of your class. For example, trying to move in to a flanking position as a Pyro while your teammates draw the attention of the opposition before striking from behind, using the Demoman and Heavy to provide suppressive fire and create chaos. Remember that while the skill of a player may allow for that person to dominate a match, that person’s dominance is due to their skill and not the design of the class. TF2 is a team game, and only the highest skilled players can dominate single handedly.

    6) Don’t worry about death. It is only temporary. – Pretty simple, but do keep in mind that you will die a lot when playing TF2. Don’t worry so will everyone else.

    So those are some suggestions from an old veteran. I love this game and am amazed that nearly 3 years after the launch it still occupies a portion of my gaming time. Thank you as well for the pin up pics. Unreality has been on a roll of late with awesome images for my desktop.

  5. Medal of Honor sucks…. Wait for black ops 😉

    As for TF2, its really fun like everyone is saying, but its also really really deep. Tons of unlockables and customization for each class is available. From aesthetic hats that do nothing but look good, to a weapons and equipment that change the whole gameplay of certain classes. And because each class is so amazingly different, your play style changes dramatically with each.

    Plus, its always going on sale, like the person said above, sometimes its sold for like 5 bucks, which is a steal!

    As far as getting crushed, yeah some people have been playing since the game came out like 4 years ago, and they show it off w/ little medals XD. But its still better than MoH in my opinion…

  6. Medic and Pyro are both crazy hot, but the rest are fug. Especially Heavy. Good god.

    I’ve only played TF2 on xbox (and Mac, briefly), and I just sucked otter ovaries. And I’m a very good CoD player and an awesomely good Battlefield player. And probably 75th percentile at Halo. But TF2… The damage you have to dole out to kill people is just ludicrous… Idk. Everything about it is absolutely impossible for me.

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