10 Things You Didn’t Know about Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya

Genshin Impact's Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a playable character from Genshin Impact. She is a Pyro-element bow user from the Electro-element region of Inazuma. Something that is perhaps unsurprising when both Yoimiya and Inazuma are Japanese names.

1. Her Full Name Is Naganohara Yoimiya

Yoimiya’s full name is Naganohara Yoimiya, with Naganohara being her family name and Yoimiya being her personal name. Historically speaking, commoners used family names during the Edo shogunate. However, their family names weren’t recognized by the government in an official sense because family names were supposed to be one of the privileges reserved for the warrior class. This is relevant because Inazuma seems to have taken the most inspiration from the Edo shogunate, which makes sense because the Edo shogunate is the most famous shogunate by a considerable margin. In fact, it is so dominant that it gets projected backwards onto its two predecessors in popular recollection.

2. Her Family Makes Fireworks

The Naganohara family makes fireworks. Lore-wise, they aren’t the only ones making fireworks in Inazuma. However, the Naganohara family seems to be running one of the best fireworks shops in the region, so much so that their products are even exported to other regions in Teyvat. Chances are good that interested individuals can guess that Yoimiya is a fireworks maker as well.

3. A Bit Too Reckless For a Fireworks Maker

Unfortunately, Yoimiya seems to be a bit too reckless for a fireworks maker. This can be seen in how she has been scolded multiple times by the local fire brigade. Fires are still a serious issue. However, they aren’t quite as terrifying in the present as they were in the not so distant past when they could devastate major cities. Fires would be particularly dangerous in places where wooden buildings are concentrated together, which describes the location of Naganohara Fireworks quite well.

4. Her Father Is Naganohara Ryuunosuke

Yoimiya is one of the playable characters with a family member who has been shown in the game. This would be her father Naganohara Ryuunosuke, who was the one who ran Naganohara Fireworks before her. He is notable in that he is hard-of-hearing, which is a direct consequence of his career as a fireworks maker. That kind of thing wasn’t uncommon in the past. For that matter, that kind of thing isn’t that uncommon in the present. For proof, look no further than the long list of occupational diseases. Something that isn’t helped by how people may or may not follow safety recommendations.

5. Very Popular With the General Population

Regardless, Yoimiya is said to be very popular with the general population of Inazuma. In part, this is because of her fireworks, which see a lot of use in the local festivals. However, Yoimiya is also very popular because she is a very cheerful and very gregarious individual who goes to great lengths to make people happy. Unsurprisingly, that combination makes her very well-liked.

6. Makes Other Things As Well

Yoimiya is very good with her hands. Fireworks making isn’t the kind of work that one would want to get involved in if that wasn’t the case. Curiously, Yoimiya’s skill also extends to other things, as shown by how she has a secondary line of business focused on selling a wide range of trinkets. Some of these started out as imports before undergoing her modifications. Others were created by her from start to finish during her creative moods. Most of these trinkets are meant for amusement, though some have more practical uses as well. For instance, Yoimiya sells what sounds like mosquito coils, which are burned to create mosquito-repelling smoke.

7. Has an Erratic Sleep Schedule

Lots of people have erratic sleep schedules. However, Yoimiya’s sleep schedules are unusual even by those standards. For example, it is apparently normal for her to spend the night working because she spent too much daytime chatting with other people, thus resulting in her sleeping in strange places once the sun rises. Similarly, it is apparently normal for her to sleep until midnight, spend some time working, and then spend some time strolling in the early hours. As far as Yoimiya is concerned, this erratic sleep schedule makes her life more interesting, not least because it enables her to meet a wider range of people than otherwise possible. The only time when she reins in these tendencies is when she is getting ready for a festival because that requires her to show an increased sense of responsibility.

8. Good For Normal Attacks

Mechanics-wise, Yoimiya is very straightforward. Essentially, the player is supposed to use her elemental skill so that her normal attacks start doing Pyro damage rather than physical damage for a short period of time. After which, they should attack as fast as possible because she gets an attack buff for doing so. Under ideal circumstances, the player should have another character applying a different kind of elemental damage so that they can do elemental reaction damage as well.

9. Does Have Some Support Capabilities

On a related note, Yoimiya does have some support capabilities. Her elemental burst will do some damage. However, it is more interesting in that it applies a debuff that causes Pyro explosions whenever the debuffed characters get attacked by a non-Yoimiya character. Simultaneously, Yoimiya’s elemental burst will buff other characters. Still, it is set up in a way that incentivizes using her for normal attacks because this buff is strengthened by stacks of the buff that she gets for doing normal attacks while her elemental skill is active. As a result, the intended pattern of use is set up non-Pyro elemental damage application, hit Yoimiya’s elemental skill, do some normal attacks, hit Yoimiya’s elemental burst, and then switch out to a different attacker.

10. Her Constellation Is Carassius Auratus

Yoimiya’s constellation is called Carassius Auratus. Unsurprisingly, it shows a goldfish because that would be the scientific name of goldfish. This is another example of Yoimiya’s association with Japanese festivals because goldfish scooping is a traditional game at such events.

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