A Pokemon Borderlands Mod? Say It Ain’t So


You know, technically that title should read “A Borderlands Pokemon Mod.” A Pokemon Borderlands mod would have masked bandits rampaging through Pallet Town, and Professor Oak would sell acidic shotguns.

But no, it’s the other way around. Someone modded Borderlands on PC so that you can summon Scags with Pokeballs to fight with you in battle. It’s exactly as awesome it sounds. It would be cool if you could open it up to ALL the creatures in the game, though I guess that just means Rakk, those electric crab things and those jumping armored insects you have to shoot in the ass to kill. Not exactly hard to catch ’em all in that case. Still, a pretty awesome idea and one that once again begs the question WHY ISN’T THERE A POKEMON CONSOLE GAME?

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