A Gallery of Ridiculous Lisa Frank Designs to Take You Back

I’m unclear as to why I’m posting this, but I’ve had the urge to make a Lisa Frank gallery for some time now. It’s nostalgia inducing, not cause I owned any products, but because in every elementary school class I had every girl had piles of this stuff which was so bright it apparently seared its way into my permanent memory files.

Sure elementary school girls now don’t like rainbow colored lover penguins as much as they used to, as kids are growing up faster and faster these days, but these pictures remind me of a simpler time. Although the designs are anything but simple as they take the word “taste” and beat it to death with a box of neon magic markers.

Check out the full gallery below, and ladies (or guys I guess) call out which of these designs you owned. Thanks to this site for collecting a decent number of these.