Witchfire is a New Game Coming by BulletStorm Developer

Witchfire is a first-person shooter being crafted by developer The Astronauts. This is going to have some rogue-lite features which are becoming quite prominent with any FPSs this generation. This game will require some tactics and skill to overcome the foes flooding the screen. Players will take control of a powerful witch hunter who is on the prowl for a particular crone corrupting the lands. Armed with both magic and firearms, Witchfire is a homage to classic Id games of the 90s like Hectic and Hexen. Of course, this particular title leans more toward the fast-paced carnage found in the recent DOOM games as opposed to the aforementioned titles. Nonetheless, this new game offers a dark fantastical world brimming with bone-crushing violence and magical mayhem. Even though this game is noted as a “rouge-lite” game, it’s actually aiming to be more casual in that regard. It’s going to keep things fresh and new throughout, but by also avoiding the annoyance of starting over.

From a visual standpoint, Witchfire is breaking into the next-gen territory by using photogrammetry technology on the design, which is being used on many new titles such as Hellblade II. It is going to be utilized with fidelity never really seen before. With every gaming generation, it takes a year or two before developers grow their sea legs and really get a handle on the new technology. We are pretty much at that point and Witchfire is going to be one of those titles that will show it off. This game is very early in development, but the team wanted to announce it just to give the gaming community a heads up that they’re still functioning and currently working on something. Luckily, there was a teaser dropped last month that gives a pretty good insight into how this game will play.

Hunt of the Witch

Even though there is very little to go with watching the footage for Witchhunt, there are some pretty dense clues on how this game will feel. The firearms in this game appear to be standard fare regarding any other FPS. There are pistols, SMGs, shotguns, revolvers, and rifles. The design of these weapons is more toward the steampunk genre than anything else. Very similar to what was shown with Nightingale. The main protagonist is a holy warrior of the sort that was hired by the Vatican to slay the Witch overtaking the realm. Hence, this character will not only have access to guns but also holy powers. On top of that, there will be other elemental magical abilities that players will be able to use to crush the enemies. They are showcased rather effectively with the teaser and any seasoned FPS fan will generally know how to use them.

Really, the gameplay in Witchfire will be no different than Bioshock or even Overwatch, in that regard. The protagonist moves swiftly, and smoothly and can leap to great heights. Magical attacks can be summoned at any point during a fight, thus the guns themselves can be laced with mystical powers to increase their damage. If enemies want to get up close and personal, there will be melee attacks available. The enemies appear to be within the demonic variety. Beings launching giant red skulls, swinging fiery swords, and lumbering charred zombies will all be shown in the footage. The also appears to be real-time damage with the firefights in this game. Enemies can have chunks blown off them and incinerated with pyromancy. Thusly, cyromancy will also be a factor in this game, freezing enemies during heated battles, only to shatter them with a well-placed shotgun blast.

Blasting Holes with Holy Weapons

Evidently, there will also be area clearing spells that can be summoned. Based on what is shown, players will be able to conjure up a golden bell, only to ring it with a bullet. This vaporized many of the enemies on screen. It’s not really solidified if this is a contextual thing or can be used at any time. Whatever the case, it is nice to know that there are always to get out of a situation in a pinch without wasting too much ammunition. It looks like the levels will be within the linear variety. At least, a wide linear if nothing else. Witchfire looks like it will be an old-fashioned straightforward FPS. Now, it is not stipulated how the rouge-lite elements will be implemented into this game. Maybe it will change things up with each playthrough as opposed to every life. Whatever the case, only time will tell.

There is still quite a bit to discover with Witchfire. The Astronauts have been quietly working on this title for some time and there appears to be a good foundation laid out for it. It is not mentioned whether or not this game is going to be a strictly single-player venture or it will have a multiplayer component. Single-player games are still very much in demand. Therefore, Witchfire being only a single-player title isn’t that much of a stretch to assume. There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered with this new game from The Astronauts. It looks like a satisfying romp through a medieval land that’s teeming with evil that’s begging to be slaughtered. Even though the reveal of this game is super early, it already looks promising in what it has to offer. Any fan of FPS should have this game on their radar.

Smite with Light

Yes, Witchfire is definitely looking like a worthy addition to the hefty FPS library that’s out there. The fact that it is aiming to be a rouge-lite experience will certainly give it some lasting appeal. There is no release date in place for Witchfire at this moment. Most likely, it will be another year or two before this game reaches its release date window. It is currently going to be a PC exclusive. However, it is entirely possible that it could also come to consoles whenever it goes gold. The developers haven’t really decided on what platforms it will be available for until this game nears completion.

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