Vikings on Trampolines is an Airborne 16-Bit Adventure Coming Soon

Vikings on Trampolines is an odd competitive platformer where players contend to knock each other off their respective platforms. Additionally, there is also an epic campaign that players can go on via co-op. Designed like the retro games of the 16-bit era, Vikings on Trampolines is an airborne adventure of aerobatic warriors trying to save their kingdom from certain destruction. Screen flooding bosses, chaotic battles, and ballistic brawls are neverending in this side-scrolling adventure. This game is a strange concept, but sometimes whimsical notions strike a chord in the gaming community. The goal is to knock enemies off the screen to get rid of them. Thus, bouncing on top of their heads, much like the many Mario games before, is an alternative mode of attack. This game is a platformer in its purest sense, but the kicker is that players cannot touch the ground. They must stay in the air, no matter what.

Hence, this journey will be riddled with trampolines and other bouncing platforms to assist the Vikings in staying in the air. There are four different Vikings to choose from, each with its own sense of control. One will feel a little more floaty while the other is heavier, but does more damage. Vikings on Trampolines has much to offer with both single-player campaigns and multiplayer hijinx. It almost has the same appeal as Multiversus and other Smash Bros imitators. Of course, the combat in this game is very different in comparison to those games. This particular IP is almost like a game of volleyball. Players will need to knock other characters out of the arena in order to win. Not to mention knocking each other around to mess with their trajectory. The strategy in this game comes with a surprising amount of depth, especially when it concerns everyday physics.

Odin’s Oddities

So, players can jump in and play solo, if they so choose. Of course, the core of Vikings on Trampolines will be the multi-player aspect to it. It can be played either locally or online. The more players complete matches, the more content will be unlocked. Things like new modes and stages are some of the content that can be accessed. Stages like; mountains, the woods, roller coasters, a ship at sea, and up in the clouds are only a few examples of what players can unlock. Additionally, there are also minigames that players can get into. Something that’s associated with riding balloons and knocking each other around while floating above the overworld. Perhaps, this minigame is associated with just obtaining extra loot between levels. Speaking of balloons, the enemies in this game are evil variations of them. The Vikings will encounter all manners of these creatures, popping them with their feet and kicking them off the screen.

When it comes to controls, one factor that this game has, which isn’t seen too often, is that it can be played with one hand. Yes, so players can be free to snack with one hand and game with the other. Thus, gamers who have physical limitations will also be welcomed to play Vikings on Trampolines without changes in the settings. This will be a fairly simple game with its control scheme. However, don’t let this fact stray gamers away from the satisfaction side of things. This game is wrought with activity and complexity that might be surprising to many players out there. This will be an old-fashioned adventure with life bars, floating power-ups, and bosses. Not to mention that this game will be pretty challenging in its own right. Many games of the 16-bit era were no slouches and Vikings on Trampolines appear to be unforgiving.

Vying for Valhalla

When it comes to design, there is definitely a charm to Vikings on Trampolines. It is almost reminiscent of Rayman and other platformers from Ubisoft. There is no doubt that retro games are a hot market these days. The release of the mini Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis only cements that sentiment. Given the specs that the current generation has, there will be entire players out there that will have no interest in games of this type. However, there is indeed a niche demographic of gamers out there that can’t get enough of it. Hence, Vikings on Trampolines was tailored made to appease those groups of gamers. Thusly, there will also be a rather well-composed soundtrack to help get the juices flowing. This game is pretty far in development and gamers won’t need to wait too much longer to try it out.

When platformers are concerned, Vikings on Trampolines appears to be offering a strange, yet action-packed adventure. It will be challenging in peculiar ways that haven’t been seen in a while. Even though there is a fully written story to indulge in, the main appeal of this game will be the multiplayer component. Given the simple mechanics that this game will have, players will have endless hours of fun. Thus, this game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Also, the fact that the control configurations are set up to be played with one hand is interesting to think about. Very few games out there try to be intuitive with the controls of a genre. Jet Li’s Rise to Honor is one example of this. The controls of that game were never utilized anywhere else. It would be nice to see developers take this initiative and be more inventive with their game’s mechanics.

Nordic Neverland

Even though Vikings on Trampolines was just announced, there is no set date in place as to when it will launch. There is a trailer available that helps give a good look at how this game will play. Hence, just watching it will give gamers insight into what to expect. At least, in terms of gameplay. Vikings on Trampolines will be available for PC whenever it comes out. Hopefully, the developers will release a Beta or at least a demo to help players get a better understanding of how this nordic airborne venture feels before release.

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