Raft is a Light-Hearted Survival Game With a New Update

Raft is a tropical survival game where a player can team up with their friends to find a way off a deserted island. A fundamentally new game by Redbeet Interactive, this first-person survival game holds all the hallmarks found in other titles of its kind. However, it may not be as intense as Green Hell, but it very much barrows the same mechanics. Everything from thirst, hunger, health, and stamina plays a factor in this title. Going solo is entirely possible, but really this game was made to be more of a multiplayer experience. Team up with friends and explore the map at their leisure to see what adventures await. Story-wise, there isn’t much to go on. Players will find themselves on a raft, drifting ever slowly to a mass of land. Once they make it to the shore, they must scramble around to find resources. This is especially true since they’re on the brink of death.

This is how the game starts. From that point, players must hunt, farm, mine, and craft supplies to fight their way out of this situation. All the standard survival game tropes are in place with this title. Of course, it is now without its own twists within the features that make this adventure uniquely its own. There is almost a Minecraft type of charm to Raft. It offers a very simplistic design, but there is a wealth of content and possibilities on how to go about this journey. With that, there is also a mystery to solve within this game. Players will find remnants of an ancient civilization hidden throughout the map. In a cryptic turn of events, players can piece together the history of this place and discover what happened to its inhabitants. This won’t be such an easy task either. Puzzles and challenges must be completed to obtain these artifacts.

Grabbing The Horizon

Even since its initial release, Raft has been getting updates on a steady basis. This past June marked the most recent patch. New locations, enemies, and story elements are now available to try out. It is definitely the biggest update it has ever gotten. The goal of this game is to build up the raft to make it as efficient as possible for the high seas. It can be a simple platform with quaint amenities to a venerable fortress floating on the water. It is entirely up to the player on how far they want to go with their project. Players aren’t necessarily stuck on the island, either. They can venture out and explore other adjacent islands around their proximity. There is where they can find higher Tier loot and test out their raft to see how efficient it is.

There will be an arch nemesis following players around while at sea. A great white shark will prowl around and take chunks out of the raft, not to mention the players themselves. It will be a constant occurrence and it is best to have weapons at the ready. Spears, machetes, arrows, and even high-tech weaponry can be brandished. Thus, other sea creatures will visit the raft. Things like whales, sea turtles, fish, and dolphins. Finding islands is one thing, but finding futuristic biomes is another. Yes, Raft has a sci-fi element in it to help spice things up. Such places to locate are abandoned cities populated with robots. Thus, there are also snow-capped villas to check out complete with snow vehicles. This game has certainly expanded since its humble beginning and now there is an epic adventure that players can go on.

Ocean Odyssey

One feature in Raft that helps give it some depth is diving. Players can drop anchor anywhere they want and swim down into the deep to find loot. Treasures, items, tools, and even food can be found. Of course, the shark will be trailing behind gamers and they will need to fend for themselves. There are all sorts of new recipes, cooking items and utensils to be utilized during this new update. Most of which can be found through the diving feature. Naturally, there are other ways to get food. Mostly by either exploring the land or growing crops. There is also a hook that players can use to snatch up floating loot in the water for extra loot. Thus, research with new recipes and blueprint is essential for upgrading the raft. The newest update provides an assortment of new ways to fix up the raft, such as a jacuzzi for example.

Despite that survival games are very popular in this generation, not very many offers a wide range of explorable options like Raft does. There are all sorts of exotic islands, alien biomes, underwater forts, and mountainous regions to trek on. This game has come a long way since it first launched. Even though it may still have its quirks here and there, there is a grand adventure at foot with this IP. With the most recent patch, this game is better than ever. Now is the time to jump in and try out Raft and see what it has to offer. It is a light-hearted survival game with a rudimentary aesthetic. However, it does offer rather deep gameplay in the grand scheme of things. There will always be a reason to come back to check out something new. This game is teeming with possibilities and quests to go on.

History and Other Treasures

Chances are that Raft is one of those games that slipped by many gamers. The content was pretty thin during its initial release. However, the most current update allowed this IP to become a totally new experience. It is definitely worth checking out now. Especially, if anyone is a fan of survival games. Currently, it is available for PC, Max, and even Linux. This game is a charming survival adventure that garnered mostly favorable reviews over the years. Raft is one of those games that is slowly gaining popularity and this update will no doubt reel in some new fans.

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