The Worst Divinity Original Sin 2 Characters Ranked

Divinity: Original Sin 2  is one of the more notable RPGs to be released in recent times. It let interested individuals create their own characters. However, it also let interested individuals choose from a number of pre-made characters, who serve as potential companions as well. Of course, some of these characters are worse than the others for one reason or another, though interested individuals should make up their own minds on the matter. Here is one set of opinions on who are the worst Divinity: Original Sin 2 companions:


Fane is one of the best companions for a number of reasons. First, he is an Undead Wizard, which is an unusual combination for a playable character in RPGs. Something that actually comes with some interesting mechanical consequences. Second, Fane has a relatively likable personality, which is quite important if interested individuals want to stick with him for the entire game. Third, his background is entwined with the main narrative, thus making him essential for getting as much out of it as possible.


Lohse is an excellent choice for people who want to blast their enemies with elemental magic, which presumably describes most of the interested individuals out there. Story-wise, she has a striking difference from all of the other companions. Something that ties in well with her own personal narrative if not necessarily with the main narrative. Even better, even once interested individuals have used Lohse as a companion, there is value in using her as the main character because that will let them experience her story from a very different perspective. Simply put, everything makes Lohse a solid choice, meaning that she doesn’t place very high on the worst Divinity: Original Sins 2 list.


Sebille is an Elf Rogue with the Corpse Eater talent. The first is useful because she can move very fast with minimal impediment, thus enabling her to get where the player needs her to be sooner than otherwise possible. Meanwhile, the second is unpleasant but nonetheless useful for unlocking a fair amount of lore, which can be important to some. Sebille’s role in the story can be a bit mixed. Her personal narrative has plenty of potential. The issue is that Sebille has very strong feelings about certain NPCs for very understandable reasons, which results in a number of uncontrollable stabbings. Some players will be fine with this. In contrast, others might be irritated by the loss of agency.

Red Prince

The Red Prince is a Lizard Fighter. As such, he can be counted upon to hit enemies and be hit by enemies, which is an important combination in a wide range of games. Better still, the Red Prince can make things burn with his fire breath. Something that can be both very useful and very amusing. Personality-wise, the Red Prince can be hit and miss. In short, he is an unpleasant noble. However, the Red Prince is much more self-aware than what most people would expect based on initial impressions but behaves in said manner anyways because it serves as a shield for his own insecurities. Thanks to this, it is possible for him to become a much better person over the course of the game, which is something that appeals to a lot of interested individuals out there. Furthermore, the Red Prince gets a quite decent storyline of his own that covers not just his quest to reclaim his lost status but also his coming to grips with his destined role.


Ifan is a Human Wayfarer. Talent-wise, he has Ingenious that gives him extra critical chance as well as extra critical multiplier, thus making him well-suited for builds that focus on physical damage. Besides that, Ifan has Pet Pal as well, which is one of the biggest selling points for this particular companion. After all, Pet Pal is how interested individuals can speak with animals, thus enabling them to unlock certain quests as well as other kinds of content. However, it is by no means indispensable for a couple of reasons. One, none of this content is so important that it becomes necessary. Two, it is perfectly possible to pick up this talent on a customized character. As for Ifan’s story, well, suffice to say that it isn’t very interesting. He is a bowman-for-hire whose next target happens to be Lucian’s son, meaning that his motivation lines up well with that of the player. However, Ifan’s schtick as the intimidating-looking individual who is quite decent on the inside has been done before and done better elsewhere, particularly since his desire for revenge being motivated by atrocities committed against his people is also nothing new. If there is a plus, it is that Ifan is famous, meaning that plenty of people will either comment or have other kinds of special interactions with him. Sadly, even this isn’t enough to save him.


Beast gets the dubious distinction of being the worst Divinity: Original Sin 2 companion. Mechanics-wise, he is fine. Beast starts out as a Dwarf Battlemage, meaning that he can soak up a fair number of hits while unleashing both physical damage and magical damage on the enemies. On top of that, he has both Blinding Squall and Petrifying Touch, which can be very useful under the right combination of circumstances. The problem is that mechanics are far from being the most important factor when it comes to choosing Divinity: Original Sin 2 companions. After all, if interested individuals wanted the best possible party from a mechanical perspective, they would be making their own characters for every single spot. Instead, what companions offer is narrative potential, which is something that Beast suffers on. Background-wise, Beast is a failed rebel. Thanks to this, he was marooned on an island. However, Beast was able to escape out onto the open sea, which is why interested individuals will come upon him while he looking very nautical. On the whole, this setup sounds promising. Unfortunately, his plot isn’t that well-connected with the main narrative of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Even worse, Beast isn’t a stand-out character in his own right. In fact, he is best-described as bland rather than spectacularly bad, which if nothing else, would have at least made him memorable.

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