Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Where To Find Stims

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can be a hard game without stims. They are hard to come by and there are many helpful characters in this story. The most popular among them is BD-1. This little companion has been with Cal Kestis since day one. He plays an important part in not only the story but also in the gameplay with his stims. He helps out with finding secrets and, most importantly, healing Cal while in a pinch. He acts as a portable medic that rides on Cal’s back. Whenever needed, BD-1 will shoot out a stim, which Cal can catch in mid-air and inject himself with it.

Of course, this is quite literally a lifesaver during heated battles. To start with, BD-1 can only carry a few stims during the first act of the game. Of course, there are more to find. They are scattered throughout the map, carefully tucked away in out-of-reach places. Players will need to go off the beaten path to find all of the stims in Jedi: Survivor. Players will find a few extra stims fairly easily, just by playing the campaign. The others, of course, will take some extra effort to locate.

There are a total of 11 stims to find throughout the game. Having just a few extra can make all the difference. This is especially true when playing the game on higher difficulty modes. Not to mention that unlocking some skills to help out with their potency can really can them an edge. Jedi: Survivor is a Metroidvania title that encourages exploration. Rich rewards await to be plucked from the crevices of the Star Wars universe and none are more effective than finding ways to keep Cal’s HP maxed out.

Shattered Moon

  • Foundry

Start from the fast travel point at the Automated Forge and head right. Make your way through the ziplining segment and once Cal lands on a big platform head right again. The platform will eventually end. So, jump down and shimmy around it to find some runable walls. Make your way across them and jump onto another zipline down. Once Cal lands, there will be some structures in that area with a stim chest up on the higher floors. Climb up around toward the large zipline leading toward the stim and zip across it. The middle portion will be electrified, so be prepared to jump.


  • Observatory Understructure

On the top of the Observatory, Cal will come across a boss called Urgost. After slaying him, run down the corridor that just opened up. There will be a segment with floating balloons. Use the required tools to alight the balloons high up and grapple one. Once up there, quickly flip around and look for a platform. There will be a stim chest, being guarded by a few Stormtroopers waiting there. Another way is by starting at the Fast Travel Point, use the rope to zip up and head right. Complete some wall-running and climbing segments with BD-1’s electro dart for some assistance. Eventually, Cal will end up in the room with the balloons, which will lead him to the same stim chest.

  • Pyloon’s Saloon

Talk to Doma and purchase a special keycard which will cost 10 Priorite Shards. There is a hidden room nearby which will open with this keycard. The Stim will be waiting in there.

  • Basalt Rift

Starting from the fast travel point, run down the declined plains to the left. Eventually, the pathway will end, with an arena having a Mogu waiting for you. Defeat it, and wall run around the area to eventually climb up to the top. Once up there, run down toward the cliffside and find the stim chest at the edge.

  • Viscid Bog

From the fast travel point, head left and zip line down from the end of the platform. Once landing in the mud, look for large rocks that are adjacent to the cliff. Use the Lift and Slam ability to yank the rocks of the mud. They will be erected as pillars, which Cal can use to jump across. Once reaching the Gorge Crash Site, use the Life and Slam ability again to rip open the metal doors. Take the elevator down and then look to the left. There will be more rocks in the muck, which will require lifting. Leap across them to reach an arena that will hold the Mire Terror Boss. Defeat it and the stim chest will be waiting.

  • Dredger Gorge

From the Fast Travel Point, head straight ahead. Go into the cave that has roller mines scurrying about. Entice one to follow Cal out of the cave and toward a cliff. Way down below, there is a collapsible wall next to a platform. Pick up the roller mine and hurl it toward that wall. It will explode, unveiling a new pathway. Fight your way until you reach a dead end with a rope hanging down. Climb up to the top then jump left. Look for a metal yellow gate and force lift it. After making his way inside, Cal will need to eventually need to fight the Gorocco Matriarch. Once it goes down, look for the stim chest that’s sitting on a cliffside.

  • Foothill Falls

Using the Fast Travel Point as Mountian Ascent, head straight to Skoova’s pond. Use it as a landmark and head right. Glide over the chasm and head inside the small metal shack. Inside will be a gnarled door that holds the stim inside. So, head back outside, hail a Nekka, and mount it. Look for a runable wall that is high up. Use the Nekka as a boost to jump up to the wall and work across it. Once making it across, have BD-1 slice a terminal, which will summon a roller mine. Grab the roller mine at the edge of the cliff, look down, and look for the shack. Throw the roller mine through the hole on the roof, destroying the door inside. The stim will be ready to be collected within.


  • Crypt of Uhrma

The back wall of this crypt has a puzzle that requires Force Pulling the required pillars out to solve. Once the wall opens up, run inside and look for the stim chest sitting on the right. Look for the area where the elevator is at. At the top, there will be a hint on how to solve this puzzle carved on top of a structure.

  • Narkis Desert

There will be a cut scene showing Cal and Merrin riding out a storm inside a cave. After the cut scene, head down the tunnel and a stim chest will be there in plain sight.


  • Undercity Meats

Starting at the Fast Travel Point, head straight and jump up the wall. Once up on top, there will be a Security Droid protecting the stim chest. Eliminate it to get the prize.


The final stim in Jedi: Survivor that Cal can obtain is through the Fellowship Upgrade. This can only be obtained by completing the puzzle within the Chamber of Clarity in Koboh. With all the stims acquired, Cal can have more of a fighting chance against the Empire. Some are easier to get than others, for sure. However, they’re all worth the effort. Jedi: Survivor is now available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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