10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shiny Eevee

Shiny Eevee

Pokémon GO was one of those legendary game releases that came with a revolutionary idea focusing on utter gamer interaction. A considerable part of the game is locating the Pokémon from different areas. The idea is similar to the previous versions of the video game’s franchise, only with a touch of the outside world. One thing you need to know about the Pokémon species is that they can undergo evolution to feature different physical features. Among the species with various evolutionary forms is Eevee. In 2018, the shiny Eevee evolution came by. It was quite an anticipation considering that the other species already had their shiny developments unveiled. If you laid your hands on the elusive Eevee, then the following are ten things about it you might not know.

1. There Are Nine Shiny Eeveelutions

The shiny evolution that features under most of the Pokémon species results in the change of their coat to a brilliant hue. The fantastic thing about the shiny eevee is that it can have as many as nine eeveelutions. It is an impressive number that shows the diversity in changing forms this Pokémon has. The Gamer has a ranking of the best eeveelutions you can come across.

2. The Shiny Eevee Is Existent In Both Genders

One thing that has had many Pokémon fans intrigued is the gender of the Pokémon’s species and their resultant evolutionary counterparts. Shiny Eevee evolutions exist in both genders. However, if you are a keen follower of the GO version, then you know that getting a female eeveelution is hard. The situation is so because the percentage ratio of males to female is 87.5% to 12.5% respectively according to Bulbapedia.

3. Evolution Depends On Their Environment

For Eevee to evolve into any of its eight counterparts, the environment comes into play in a significant way. Eevees have an unstable genetic makeup that causes them to mutate depending on their exposure. They evolve into the various eeveelutions on exposure to different radiation stones. For example, it turns to Vaporeon when exposed to the water stone, Flareon, due to the fire stone and Jolteon when the thunder stone is proximal.

4. Their Strengths

Despite lacking any significant improvement in abilities in some games, in others, the shiny Eevee has an improved skill set. The boost depends on the stone that triggered them to turn. For example, Vaporeon, whose evolutionary trigger was the water stone, has its move set boosted when it is rainy. Flareon, on the other hand, triggered by the fire stone amplifies its abilities when it is sunny.

5. Their Weaknesses

Like any other species in the game, the shiny eevees have flaws just as their strengths are evident. When battling the eeveelutions, the opposing forces of nature may work to your advantage to win the duel. For example, Glaceon, the glacier boosted species is vulnerable to fire, rock, and steel. Keep note of their vulnerabilities when playing to know how to launch your attacks.

6. They Are Generally Not As Powerful As The Original Form

A disappointing fact about the shiny evolutionary counterparts is that their strength and combat statistics do not match the original version. They have some strengths, but it seems the original Eevee is way stronger than them. The difference, in most cases, is the coat and appearance the shiny versions have. The adaptations to various environments is a boost the same to some advances in their skill sets. However, at times their weaknesses are so pronounced for them to be resilient in battles.

7. The Naming Trick

The rarity of some of the shiny species makes them a valuable addition to your collection, especially if you are on the Go version. One good thing about the game is that if you have the Eevee under your collection, you can wait for them to turn to the shiny counterparts. Aside from being patient, there are tricks you can pull to trigger the turn. According to Forbes, you can try out the naming trick for the morph. Among the names you can use include Pyro for Flareon, Rainer for Vaporeon and Sakura for Espeon. Take note that you can only use the naming trick once.

8. The Eevee Community Day

Collecting the shiny eevees is quite a hard task, especially when you want to meet the target of five different eevees. If such difficulty in the game is looming, then wait for the Eevee community day. It is like an offer or bonus period running from two to three days, where it is relatively easy to come across the shiny species. The community day is usually in set dates each month, so if you want to lay your hands on the elusive species, keep not of the days.

9. Candy Requirements

Like other games, there are tokens you need to collect while playing Pokémon to morph into the shiny species. The collectible tokens in the game are candies. For you to morph, you need twenty-five candies to unlock the shiny counterpart. It is quite easy to get the candies by the game’s standards. When you reach the limit, you can evolve the Eevee. However, the form it will pick is random, though you can use the name trick to get a needed shiny Pokémon of your choice.

10. Shiny Versions Are Mute

If you have played the game, then you might have noticed that the bright species do not have sound. The shiny Pokémon’s are muted, and that seems to be among their defining qualities.

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