The Ultimate Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide

The video game “Destiny 2” and it is Iron Banner event is a way to earn unique rewards in the game. For those of you who are not totally familiar with the event, you’re in the right place. To give you the latest information about the benefits of participation along with tips on the most efficient ways to play, we’ve prepared the Ultimate Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide to help you.

What is Iron Banner?

Bungie explains that Iron Banner is a crucible event that lasts for an entire week. It happens within Destiny 2, but it’s not always available. It happens once a month throughout the season. Now is the time to prepare for the event when it does take place. You should also plan on dedicating a week’s worth of playtime to earn some pretty amazing rewards that will stay with you after the event has ended. Bungie posts announcements for the timelines of the event on their official page.

Requirements for entry into Iron Banner

Iron Banner appears at the weekly reset when it becomes available. Players can consult with the Destiny 2 Reset Guide for more information about the weekly reset. There are a few requirements to ensure that you’ll be granted access to enter Iron Banner, however. The first requirement is that you must reach Lord Shaxx. He is found in the New Light quest. The second is that you must visit the Tower Courtyard and speak with Lord Saladin. According to Shack News, players in the Season 12 quest Slaying Dragons must participate in the Iron Banner event and finish tasks within the time restrictions of the event. There are six steps required for completion.

  1. Guardians, Zones, and Void activities – Step number one requires you to defeat a total of 30 Guardians. You must also capture 10 zones and you must have 5 void ability final defeats. This is just the beginning of mastering the event and filling up on the rewards.
  2. Energy weapons and crucible matches – Step two involves using energy weapons to defeat enemies. It’s best to choose the energy weapon that you have had the best success in making kills. You need to make 25 defeats with energy weapons. The other part of the second step is to capture 20 zones. The final part is to complete 6 Iron Banner matches.
  3. Guardians, Scout Rifle, and Zones – The third step requires you to move to certain weapon archetypes. You are required to deliver final blows with the Scout Rifle. You will need to complete 100 Guardian defeats, 20 kills delivering the final blows with the Scout Rifle, and capture 30 zones.
  4. Zones, Hand Cannon, and Super Kills – The fourth step requires you to use Hand Cannons as the specific weapon archetype. You must use your Super to earn the defeats. You are required to complete 15 hand cannon final blows, capture 40 zones and make 15 defeats with Super.
  5. Precision Kills, Crucible Matches, and Zones – The fifth step requires you to speak with Saladin as well as making 10 defeats using precision final blows. You must play 15 Iron Banner matches and additionally capture 50 zones.
  6. Talk to Saladin – The final step is to go visit Saladin. He will grant you a reward for completing the Iron Banner event.

Why play the Iron Banner event?

Iron Banner is a monthly event that allows you to earn a bunch of tokens along with other rewards. Iron Banner can help you with future gameplay. It helps to prepare a path forward to achieve a variety of goals that you might have for the season. Just a few examples include getting mods, some excellent weapons, or leveling up.

Tips for playing Iron Banner

Keen Gamer recommends taking on the task of getting your bounties finished first. Go to Saladin and tell him you want your bounties and begin playing. The best approach to take is to focus on capturing points to get the bounties faster. The rest will fall into place if you take this step first. When selecting your weapon, consider a super that will last a long time with fast damage output that doesn’t take a lot of super energy. If you’re a Hunter, spectral blades are a good choice, or the Sentinel Shield if for Titans or top tree Dawnblade for Warlocks. These will help with the ability kills. You’ll also get 50 Iron Banner tokens for each bounty for Saladin.

What are the best PVP Perks?

For trading in 20 tokens, Lord Saladin will give you an assortment of perks.

  • Cool weapons in the perks category – The Bite of the Fox Sniper rifle is a gun that you can carry through to the next season. The PVP perks are opening shot, your choice of steady rounds or flared magwell, handling masterwork, and snapshot sights.
  • Swarm of the Raven Grenade Launcher – The Swarm of the Raven weapon is a grenade launcher that deals in heavy ammunition.
  • Crimil’s Dagger Hand Cannon – This hand cannon can two-tap from a considerable distance from the enemy. The PVP perks are Rangefinder, Crossfire HCS or Sureshot, Accurized rounds, opening shot, and Handling masterwork or range.
  • Shining Sphere Rocket Launcher – The Shining Sphere is a rocket launcher with a tacking module as the best perk for running this. You can also receive one piece of armor from Iron Banner which is exclusive instead of a weapon.
  • Orewing’s Maul Grenade Launcher – The Orewing’s Maul grenade launcher is a powerful weapon with a ton of PVP perks. These include spike grenades or proximity grenades, volatile launch or smart drift control, quickdraw, and handling or velocity masterwork.
  • Talons of the Eagle Scout Rifle – This is a rifle that is handy for sticking back in your vault case because it’s likely to come into vogue in the game gain. The PVP perks include a rangefinder, fluted barrel, tactical mag, and opening shot or moving target.

Other benefits

Each Iron Banner match that you play will count as a pinnacle activity. Your Guardians will receive four bounties every time that you visit him at the tower. The drop of plus two pinnacle gear gives you a good way to get 12 more pieces of gear if you’re interested in moving up from 1050 to 1060. Keep at it because it can take time to get there. One of the best things about Iron Banne is that the pinnacle activity matches are the shortest of any other in this category. It also gives you faster access to enhanced mods. Iron Banner allows you to level up to 1060, fill out your collections, and get some great weapons that you can use in future seasons.

  • Destiny 2 Iron Banner ArmorBlueberries gg explores the new reprised weapons and the armor from Iron Banner. The Guiding Sight scout rifle and Steady Hand cannon are available, but they’re not new weapons. Rather, they are reprisal that bears updates from year one. The armor is a high stat and this is reason enough to go visit Lord Saladin. The Beyond Light Iron Banner armor is a 60 plus high stat armor which was also reprised from year one. It’s been brought back a couple of times including at the launch of Shadowkeep, but it’s not a problem for players that are new to the game.
  • Farming the armor – Iron Banner is a reliable source of high stat armor in the Destiny 2 game. The armor pieces that you can obtain have a minimum of 58 base stat points all the way up to 63 base stat points and more. What’s really cool about it is that the higher stat point armor is more common in Iron Banner. All of the Iron Banner warmer you acquire during season 12 are viable for a full year. It’s recommended that you complete the season 12 quest before you turn in any of your tokens. It will provide you with a choice of new weapons on the loot table and you could farm the new hand cannon. However, for the first time in the history of the event, you can turn in tokens on the first visit to Lord Saladin or any time thereafter. Another recommendation is to choose the quest with your three characters to get triple rewards.

What about load-outs?

Blueberries gg recommends that you use a few exotics for achieving specific objectives. These include Ace of Spades for hand cannon kills, and for scout, rifle kills, MIDA Multi-Tool. If you don’t have either of these available you can substitute the Posterity or Dire Promise for hand cannon and for scout rifle kills, the Night Watch. Not all armor sets are that great, but when Transmog is available they can be improved.

When will the next Destiny 2 Iron Banner event launch?

The Iron Banner event launched on December 8th and concluded on December 15, 2020, for Slaying Dragons. The next round began on December 15, 2020, and is running through January 5, 2021, to bring Eva Levante to farm currency and ornaments. As for Season 13, there hasn’t been a time reveal yet. About all that we can say is we know that it’s coming.

Season 13

We learned from The BHA Rate Express-News that Season 13 is slated to bring a host of exciting features. It’s been confirmed that there will be three new exotics coming into the legendary sectors, two strikes, and more. “the Season of the Chosen” is the name of the event. The Exotic Farm in the Lost Sector is currently being expanded. We shall see new exotic armor for sure. Other pending developments include Crossplay and Vault of Glass for 2021. The upcoming year is already being touted as a wild ride for players who get into the perks offered in the Iron Banner events. We’re just finishing up for 2020 but there is a lot more to come shortly.

Destiny 2 is going to come out for the next generation on consoles and it’s going to be one heck of a year. In the meantime, there are still Iron Banner bounties to complete for those who haven’t finished the quest. The outlook is sunny for all games acquiring cross-play and cross-save. Season 13 is set to offer significant improvements and some believe that we’ll see Vault of Glass in either season 14 or 15. There hasn’t been a confirmation of that one way or the other yet.

Final thoughts

Bungie is moving full speed ahead on its plans for 2021, but we’re still finishing up with the bounties from Season 12 which are already in progress until January 5, 2021. This will take us into the New Year and will usher in the new season 13 for Iron Banner with its monthly opportunities for week long play and gaining some new levels and experience along with a few new goodies in the loot and from exchanging earned tokens. While we’ve provided tips on wrapping up season 12 for all the dragon slayers out there, we’re already looking towards the future with high hopes for yet more exciting opportunities to take our week of fun and excitement and bring our characters to new levels in Destiny 2. It’s been a wild ride so far for 2020. Although we’ll close one more chapter, another is set to open just on the horizon. It gives us something to prepare for and to look forward to in the months to come. We hope that you’ve found this guide useful whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player.

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