10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Simogo is a giant game development company based in Malmo, Sweden that has dominated the world of mobile games since its formation back in 2010. The company has produced about seven mobile games that have done impressively well in the games market. The company is set to add to their collection of cool games by releasing another fantastic game that is expected to get gamers hooked. Their new product is called “Sayonara Wild Hearts” and is scheduled to be launched on September 19, 2019. Mobile games players can expect a show of a lifetime since the new product comes with a set of impressive qualities. The game will leave you at the edge of your seat with your eyes stolen by your phone’s screen. Here are several things you should know about Simogo’s new product:

1. The Game’s Plot

According to Simogo, “Sayonara Wild Hearts” is a dreamy visuals game that involves lots of activities. Players will be riding a motorcycle, dance battling, sword-fighting, skateboarding and dishing heart breaks all at a speed of 200mph. When a young woman was heart-broken, the universal balance is tilted. However, a diamond butterfly inspires her destiny. It leads her to a highway in the heavens where she finds her magical other self in the form of a vicious masked biker, namely “The Fool.” She consequently sets out on a journey in a bid to restore the universal balance. She travels through custom-wired pop music chasing scores and hustling her way into Little Death’s heart. She has partners namely Howling Moons, Hermit 64, Stereo Lovers and Dancing Devils.

2. The Game’s Production

The “Sayonara Wild Hearts” game was developed by the artistic hands of Simogo company developers. Having produced award-winning games such as “Device 6” and “Year Walk” in the past, the Simogo Company does not disappoint. The game’s publisher was Annapurna Interactive, an entity prominent for the publishing of popular games including “Outer Wilds,” “Ashen,” and “Florence” amongst others. The game was made under the supervision of Simogo’s founders, Simon Flesser and Magnus Gordon Gardeback. Queen Latifah further did the narration in the game while Linnea Olsson did the vocals. Daniel Olsen and Jonathan Eng wrote and produced the music in the game

3. The Gaming Platforms

According to Simogo’s Wikipedia profile, “Sayonara Wild Hearts” game will be supported by several gaming platforms. The game will run well with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Apple gadgets through Apple Arcade. Moreover, it can also do well with macOS, iOS, and tvOS platforms. Such modern hardware gives the best gaming experience with this game.

4. It is a Blend of Energetic Excitement

“Sayonara Wild Hearts” is a blend of energetic experiences that will make you sweat. According to Polygon, the game is a crazy amalgam of diverse systems, intertwined together alongside a throbbing pop soundtrack. It is a world of romping, joking and thrill. The game stands out from others in its ability to blend rhythmic mechanisms with intense racing scenes. It is an array of wild racing, shooting and skateboarding to the rhythm of the cool pop soundtrack. Such unique aspects of this game are bound to make it a favorite amongst gamers.

5. It is More Than a Video Game

“Sayonara Wild Hearts” is more than just a video game. According to IGN, this game is like some extended interactive video of a pop song. Apart from giving you an incredible gaming experience, the game also offers musical relaxation. Such are the provisions of its extensive collection of mind-blowing pop songs. Furthermore, although it does not give so much of a challenge, the soundtracks and appealing arts and animation provide a relaxing experience that builds up into an exciting finale. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a game you can watch and listen to others play and still feel involved.

6. Gaming Time

According to Gamerevolution, the game lasts for about 45 minutes. Such a short length comes in handy when it comes to fitting to its Arcade trappings. Furthermore, the short game time enables you to have time for other essential things too and prevents you from fatigue and boredom that come with playing for extended periods.

7. Earnings and Awards

The game has awarding systems on its different levels. You earn gold, bronze, or silver, depending on your overall scores. Moreover, for every song played without interruption, you win some gold. Since not much challenge is posed in this game, getting scores is not so much of a hustle.

8. The Game’s Aesthetics

It is majorly about excellent appeal and outlook. Good aesthetics are the highlights of this game. It comprises of visually beautiful art which blends with mind-blowing pop music that serves the role of appeal, creating a relaxed setting for a refreshing gaming experience.

9. The Game’s Interactivity

The “Sayonara Wild Hearts” offers interactivity that is way below most other video games. The game is built majorly to create a beautiful visual and audio appeal other than giving a thrilling storyline. It does not have superior interactive mechanisms that other video games flaunt. Sayonara Wild Hearts was not meant to provide a challenge but rather to offer a relaxation experience that highly competitive video games may lack. Furthermore, movements in the game are solely limited to a linear path which is not what any gamer used to tough challenges want in their video game.

10. The Game’s Shortcomings

Despite the hype the game possesses, it comes with some undesirable setbacks. First of all, besides the lack of a challenge, it is a relatively soft game, and if you are looking for thrilling conquests and engaging, fierce battles, this not the game for you. Moreover, Sayonara Wild Hearts is not as interactive as other traditional video games. Furthermore, the game possesses some unwarranted abrupt settings changes which create a sense of uncertainty on what you expect in your next move in the game.

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