The Darker Brother

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Often the overlooked brother, Luigi is sick and tired of being player two. This piece of art from Garrenh shows what it might look like if he got a little more intense, and a little less subservient to his brother.

The backstory behind this painting is actually pretty hilarious. I’ll let the author explain:

“My friend once had a dream in which there was a gigantic conspiracy going on involving shoe smuggling, and as he unraveled it, it turned out that Luigi was behind the whole diabolical plan. The shoe smuggling just turned out to be a diversion so that nobody would notice that Luigi had trapped his brother Mario in an alternate universe, and the cops were sniffing around.

So I imagined the moment you are shoved into a dark room to meet the boss, then all you see is the spark and glow of a match as Luigi himself lights a cigarette and glares death at you, and the room seems to get colder…”

His hand is kind of small.

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