Posters at the Pokemart

Artist John Cheng is a fellow Pokemon enthusiast, but one with more artistic talent than I. He set about crafting this poster series, items which he believes may be hung inside a PokeMart. Bikes, ball and burn heals, there’s something for everyone.

Stupid expensive bike. Cost one more dollar than you could even fit in your wallet. Thank god for vouchers.

I always wondered why you couldn’t buy Pokemon like in a pet store. You would think that would a pretty lucrative market for all those people who don’t want to trudge around in caves and grassy fields. If I recall, the only one it cost you money to get was Porygon, which encouraged children to gamble until they got what they wanted.

Check out the rest of the posters below. 

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  1. All of a sudden ‘Thunderstones’ seems like a great euphemism for something….

    Why now? I don’t think I’d ever heard it plural before.

  2. damn, these are awesome. i think dratini and scyther and abra were also available. but i think that’s only in the first few versions. pretty sure it changes after that.

    who’s got two thumbs and is a huge nerd? THIS GUY.

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