The Coolest Weapons of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


I’m something of a future war junkie, demonstrated by the fact that I’ve written an entire sci-fi book trilogy on the subject. That’s why I’m always obsessed with any video game that takes warfare past present day, and though Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare doesn’t quite make it into space, it takes us to about 2060 and gives us a very, very cool arsenal to work with.

Though many games have given us cool video game weapons over the years, Advanced Warfare’s advanced arsenal is one of the better designed ones I’ve seen, not to mention the game itself is pretty damn fun and a welcome change for the series. I thought I’d go through and pick out what my favorite weapons in the game have been so far, not because they’re overpowered necessarily, but just because they’re conceptually or visually cool.

The list starts below, and let me know what kind of Advanced Warfare weapons you prefer, if you’re playing as much as I am (and hopefully you’re getting murdered far less often than me).



Assault rifles are my favorite class, namely because I can’t figure out how to use submachine guns or shotguns effectively to save my freaking life, and so far I’m really digging the IMR. The design is slick, it’s burst fire, and the description says it prints additional ammo with an on-board 3D printer. I love it.

The SN6


If I had to pick one submachine gun that was right up my alley, it would be the SN6 with its snubnose design and good accuracy, which is absolutely necessary to have any success past ten yards with an SMG, it seems. Damage is a bit weak, but whatever, I’d rather hit my target than have powerful bullets smack the wall next to him.



I am outrageously terrible at sniping in Call of Duty, either running around no-scoping, or lying in wait for people to stand still, but I can’t help but love the MORS all the same, as it’s a freaking RAILGUN. How awesome is that? I haven’t landed any shots with it yet to see if it decapitates people, but it damn well should given its potential, and the design is rather sick.

The S-12


I couldn’t’ find an up-close picture of the S-12 yet, so it may not be the most popular choice, but I’m a big fan of fully automatic shotguns, and in past call of duty games I’ve loved running around holding the trigger until they burst fire my enemies to bits. Granted, I die like 9 out of every 10 times I attempt this, but it’s still fun, and that concept lives on with the S-12.



Uh yeah, you’re seeing this right. The XMG is an AKIMBO LMG, meaning you’re essentially walking around with two gatling guns on your arms. Obviously that limits things in terms of range, but I’ve seen people absolutely DOMINATE with this set-up in multiplayer (hint: I was not one of these people). It’s a very cool concept for a class that most people usually avoid, and I can’t wait to try them out for myself.

The EPM3


In my futuristic war found in my Earthborn books, everyone uses plasma weapons, so naturally I have to feature Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s first plasma weapon ever (I think?) here. It’s a heavy weapon with wicked long range and did I mention PLASMA? Get out of town. Must unlock immediately. Only like, 20 more levels to grind.

The RW1


I’ll be damned if I can hit a single thing with this new-era magnum, but it’s one of the coolest designs for a weapon I’ve seen in the game so far. The thing is a powerhouse if you can land a shot, which I definitely hope to do, someday. I’m usually ditching my secondary weapon so I can have three attachments on my primary. I don’t tend to live long enough to run out of ammo to have to use a pistol.

So those are my picks so far, even if I haven’t even used some of them. What can I say, I’m in love with their designs and concepts. Which Advanced Warfare weapons are your favorites?

[Photos via Activision]

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  1. I haven’t been able to play this yet – because I still can’t decide on whether to get an Xbox One or PS4!? -argh

    Can’t wait to play though – I’ll be sure to pwn you Paul.

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