Ranking The Five Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs

Sims 4

The Sims is one of those series that are very well-suited for DLC. However, interested individuals might be surprised by the sheer amount of DLC that has been released for The Sims 4, which aren’t even mentioning the 11 game packs that have been released as well. Different people should go for different DLC based on their different preferences. Still, some of them tend to be held in higher regard than others.

5. Cats & Dogs

Chances are good that interested individuals can guess that Cats & Dogs was the expansion pack that introduced cat ownership and dog ownership. Specifically, it enabled the player to create these creatures, which can’t be controlled in a direct manner but can be interacted with. The expansion pack comes with numerous pre-made breeds for both cats and dogs. However, customization being customization, interested individuals have the freedom to make their own breeds as well. Besides this, Cats & Dogs is also notable because of a couple of other things as well. One, it provides Sims with the ability to run a vet clinic of their very own. Two, it comes with a new world called Brindleton Bay, which is based on the seaside towns that are so common in the New England region. On the whole, it would be exaggerating to say that Cats & Dogs is well-suited for everyone. However, if people like animals, it should be a decent fit for them at the very least.

4. Eco Lifestyle

A number of expansion packs for The Sims 4 retreaded old ground for the series as a whole. However, Eco Lifestyle wasn’t one of them. Instead, it was the first time that The Sims focused on sustainable living in such a major way, which to be fair, is very much a reflection of changing attitudes on the matter. In any case, Eco Lifestyle is like its counterparts in that it introduced a fair amount of new content. For example, it comes with a couple of new careers, which would be the Crafter and the Civil Designer. Similarly, it comes with three neighborhoods in the new world of Evergreen Harbor. However, what makes Eco Lifestyle particularly interesting is how it comes with eco footprints. Something that can have a huge impact on how people choose to play the game. Living green remains a serious challenge in this game. Still, it can be very worthwhile for people who want to challenge themselves in The Sims 4.

3. City Living

Unsurprisingly, City Living is focused on city living. As such, it introduces a new city-themed world called San Myshuno, which is a mishmash of a number of cities that are well-known on the world stage. Naturally, it contains apartments, which are quite different from other residential slots. For example, interested individuals have to deal with new issues such as landlords as well as close neighbors. Similarly, this provides interested individuals with new opportunities as well, with an excellent example being the chance to set themselves up in penthouses. Of course, there is more packed into City Living than just this. Lots can now have traits as well, which can make for a much more dynamic experience thanks to a wide range of quirks making for a wide range of living situations. Moreover, there are now festivals for Sims to enjoy as well as new careers for Sims to take up. By default, The Sims 4 is very small town in feel. If people want something more urban, well, City Living is the perfect DLC for them. In contrast, if people aren’t particularly interested in that as a concept, they might want to look into other expansion packs with other themes. For instance, a lot of people seem to like Island Living as well, which is based on the idea of living on a tropical island.

2. Get Together

Sims are already capable of befriending one another in the base game. However, the experience can be rather shallow. If people want something more in-depth, they should pick up Get Together sooner rather than later because it is focused on providing a richer experience for exactly that. As such, it gives interested individuals the ability to form clubs, which are very similar to the social groups from The Sims 3. Other than that, interested individuals can also expect new activities, new interactions, and new locations, which should combine to make in-game friendships that much more rewarding. Get Together contains a new world as well. In its case, the new world is an Europe-inspired setting called Windenburg that takes a lot of cues from Germany as well as Norway. Naturally, Windenburg is meant to make it easier for interested individuals to check out what the expansion pack has to offer, with an excellent example being the nightclubs.

1. Seasons

Seasons is often high on the lists of expansion packs that interested individuals should pick up for The Sims 4. This is because it introduces some fundamental changes to the way that the game plays, so much so that one might even call it transformative in nature. For starters, Seasons introduces seasons, which go hand-in-hand with weather. This has a huge impact on the activities that are available at any time. For instance, fishing isn’t available during winter, though winter snow can allow Sims to make both snow angels and snowpals. Having said that, weather can also introduce some nasty complications. Sims that aren’t well-prepared won’t fare very well if they are exposed to freezing temperatures. Similarly, Sims that aren’t well-prepared won’t fare very well if they are exposed to heatwaves either. Other than this, Seasons’s other major introduction would be holiday. By default, the expansion pack comes with a number of holidays already pre-made. Fortunately, it also gives interested individuals the chance to make more of their own, which their Sims will engage with within in the game. Exactly what each holiday will look like depends on exactly what traditions interested individuals will choose for it.

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