Four Challenges to Spice Up The Sims 3


I’ve written about games in The Sims franchise often and it’s no secret how much I love the game since its very inception. Paul often mentions and teases me about my enduring love for the series.  I don’t fault him for it because it’s true and I’ve never been shy about it.

I’ve bought every expansion pack for The Sims because I’m that big of a fan. Outsiders usually tell me that they find the game boring because there isn’t any specific objectives or an end game to go for. To be honest, that’s what I find most appealing about it. You create your own story at your own pace from scratch.

Yet, the real fun is browsing through the community forums and participating in the challenges/contests gamers set-up.  Neither the game nor the community members monitor your progress if you indeed followed the rules. I know what you’re thinking! If that’s the case, then people can surely cheat.

That’s what I thought at first, but then I realized that if you do cheat then the challenge isn’t worth your time. You don’t get trophies, credits, or money for accomplishing these tasks. Instead, you’ll be rewarded with a feeling of internal fulfilment and pride among your peers. Therefore, cheating won’t really get you anywhere.

If you’re bored with The Sims 3 or are simply waiting for The Sims 4, why not give some of these cheat free challenges a try.

1. Legacy Challenge

There are many variations of the Legacy challenge, but the core idea of it all is to go through at least ten generations of families from one base family. I could only do the challenge until the fifth generation because I usually screw things up by having too much babies in one generation.

The rewarding part of this challenge is seeing your Sims grow, experience all these life milestones, and eventually die. Whenever it was time for my first Sim to die, that’s the part that tempts me to screw everything up by cloning or making them immortal.

2. Become a millionaire from scratch 


This is also another challenge I love repeating because it requires a lot of hard work and patience. However, it all pays off in the end because you will value all the assets you have as opposed to easily getting with cheats. I usually pair this challenge with legacy, so you can imagine how challenging it is to do this while raising a family.

This is kind of hard to do in one generation, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it all in one sitting. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to take the writer career track (pays a lot) and make money by buying off property.

3. Apocalypse challenge


I’ve never done this per se, but this challenge attempts to recreate an apocalypse scenario using The Sims. I would personally just wait for an apocalypse themed expansion pack. However, I still recommend this because it seems like a lot of fun.

A word of caution though, this challenge has a lot of rules.

4. Breed a beautiful sim with ugly genes


I saw this challenge while browsing through the forums one time. If I’m not mistaken, the main idea of it all is to create a ‘beautiful’ Sim through breeding from one extremely ‘ugly’ parent. The partners don’t have to be ‘ugly’ and all you have to do is conceive a ‘beautiful’ Sim in the least amount of generations possible.

I’ve never tried this but I bet this would be interesting and hilarious to try.

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  1. Not to mention the Disney princesses. Playing god with digital lives, BB? You’re so doomed. One day your Sims will become self aware and wreak terrible vengeance upon you for their suffering. That’s why I march them all off of high dives with no pool beneath them. You’ve got to kill them before it happens.

    1. No, no, this one is a family tree made by a Wogan Hemlock roleplayer in the actual Sims Wiki. It’s of a “clan” that appears in Sims 2, where everyone of them is named after Shakespearean charactersplaysstuff, or other historicalplaywriting stuff. The neighboorhood is called “Veronaville”.

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