Occupy Mars is an Advanced Building Simulator with Real-World Tech

Occupy Mars is a survival game in the works that sounds exactly like it is about. It focuses on occupying Mars. Now, this new title is definitely leaning toward the scientific side of things. There isn’t much room for anything fantastical, by any means. This game is inspired by real-world technologies that are associated with space exploration. This IP will be a sandbox offering where players can build their base by any means they please. Mars will be fully explorable, teeming with places to find. Not only will players be able to roll around on the surface, but it will be possible to go under the surface, as well. Mines, mountains, rocky plains, and other terrains are all ripe for the picking. Needless to say, there will be an assortment of resources needed to survive. There are a lot of factors to consider while trying to live on the Red Planet.

Not only there will be weather cycles, but also temperature changes. Every element associated with the atmosphere will be accounted for. Players will be able to build sundry structures that will all have a job to do. Thusly, players will need to constantly maintain and keep up with the wear and tear of the buildings. Anything can happen at any time. It is a particular feature in Occupy Mars known as ” Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly.” Buildings will catch on fire, blow up and generally fall apart at any time. Hence, players will need to scramble and think on their feet to improvise the situation. So, this game is a fairly unique crafting survival simulator in many regards. Of course, there are many other nuances to this title that players will only find once they get their hands on it. In many ways, this game will be reminiscent of the movie “The Martian.”

Tending To Red Land

Occupy Mars is probably the most realistic interpretation of Mars throughout the interactive medium. Although there have many games that take place on Mars, like DOOM, for example, none of them really capture the true essence of this planet. The developers admire this place and they are trying to share it with the rest of the world in the only way they know how. Therefore, players will need to build a greenhouse, make oxygen, grow food, make tools and even fix things. The first thing to do is to find a level piece of land to lay down the foundation. Elevation, weather patterns, and other factors will play a part in establishing a base. Naturally, players will be able to drive a Rover to explore. It too can be upgraded with new robot arms, hydraulics, and tires. Thus, players will also need to start mining operations to find precious metals for their equipment.

Very particular resources will be required to establish utilities. Solar panels, batteries, wells, and piping will all need to be configured. Not to mention that cables and plugs will need to be properly maintained and put together. The building mechanics in Occupy Mars are quite elaborate. This game has been under development for a few years and it clearly shows. In fact, players will also need to keep their avatars alive by managing their nutrition. Let’s not overlook the fact that pretty much every facet within the base can be upgraded. This includes the batteries and solar panels which will help power up the growing base. Thus, the water pumps, waste, and other elements can be upgraded, as well. Of course, whenever something goes array, players will need to make tools from scratch. In a realistic fashion, only certain tools can fix particular problems.

Management On Mars

Therefore, players will be using parts, components, and accessories that are actually used in real life. There will be measuring devices, hot air amplification, and soldering. As time goes on, more advanced tools will be required for the upkeep of the evolving base. It is possible to rapidly lose water, air, and food on Occupy Mars. This game isn’t a rudimentary title that will be easy to pick up. It will be a mature and advanced building simulator that will take some patience and critical thinking skills to master. In some ways, it will also be a puzzle. Finding the correct input and output outlets for cables to allow proper power flow is just one example. There will be a little trial and error required to figure out some of the building mechanics in this game. Everything may seem dense, at first. With a little time, players will slowly get the hang of it.

Whenever this game officially launches, there will be a myriad of things to do. Of course, there will most likely be additional content coming down the pipeline in the future. To start off with, there will be different vehicles to use, places to go, and near limitless ways to build. Thus, the random weather patterns and intense temperatures during day cycles will provide hefty challenges. There aren’t necessarily any enemies in Occupy Mars. The main foes that players will be facing will be the elements. Of course, Mother Nature is a very different beast on Mars. Hence, it will be a constant and harrowing fight. Luckily, this game is nearing completion and is scheduled to come out fairly soon. Hopefully, there won’t be any more setbacks and players will finally get to try out this unique adventure in outer space.

Extreme Measures

There is actually much more to Occupy Mars than what is seen at a first glance. Right now, there is an Occupy Mars: Prologue now available that acts as a tutorial for new players. Therefore, this particular segment of the game is free to play. However, the full version of the game is still in its polishing stages and is supposed to be released later this year. As things are right now, this title will be a PC exclusive. No word on whether or not it will be shifting to consoles anytime soon. Only time will tell if there will be an outcry for this game to be a multi-platform product.


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