The Most Detailed Cosplay I’ve Ever Seen from Kamui

The other day I featured a bunch of rather awesome cosplay photos of a WoW Druid. The costume had so much detail, with so much work clearly put it, I knew that the crafter had to have other works.

And so she does. I stumbled upon Kamui’s cosplay page, and good lord, this is the most detailed I’ve ever seen ANYONE be when it comes to cosplay. It’s not a hobby, each of these costumes is an epic art masterpiece that takes hundreds of hours of work and craftsmanship.

I’ve assembled some of her best creations below, most of which are WoW or Diablo related, but the more fascinating part is how she makes them, which you can check out at her site here.



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    You know, they have certain classes now that you can go to, on how not to be an asshole.

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