The Plight of Poor Worf


For some strange reason I grew up watching Voyager instead of TNG, but I do appreciate it as probably the objectively “best” Star Trek series. That said, I’m surprised it lasted so long as I thought that Worf would come storming in with an assault phaser rifle and murder the entire crew after years of getting crapped on.

What do I mean? This video is fifteen minutes of every time Worf has been denied, rejected, put down or scoffed at. Turns out it happened about 1.8 times per episode. He’s got some really good ideas in there too! Why do they even have him around if they’re never, ever going to listen to anything he says? Maybe the idea is “Whatever Worf says, do the opposite” as he’s so¬†incompetent¬†that they know if he’s suggesting something, it’s wrong.

Watch, and feel bad for him.

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  1. You know, I remember watching most of these episodes as they aired and by the 3rd season, you could almost time it when Worf would recommend the most aggressive tactic and get shut down.

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