Conan O’Brien’s Long Lost Love Child Comes Forward

I’m not sure what’s funnier about this video, how much this freaking kid looks like a mini-Conan O’Brien, or the fact that a lot of the internet seems to be taking his claim seriously that he’s Conan O’Brien’s long lost son.

I guess people are confused by the guy’s story about his mom working at 30 Rock, but I assumed that was fabricated and OF COURSE THIS ISN’T SERIOUS. He’s doing the string dance! He has a picture of Conan in his house next to his actual family! And yet, the wisdom of the internet:

“wtf yo? this dude is f***ing weird and he a f***in creep i hope this shit is a joke. if i ever had a illegitmate son and he turned out to be this f****in corny and out for my money, i’d ignore his stupid ass.”


Anyway, I really hope this turns into a bit on Conan’s show, which I’m almost positive it will, knowing O’Brien. And I hope they both keep playing along to make it even weirder.

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