15 Terrible Movies that Made Over $100 Million at the Box Office

Many horrendous movies have pulled the feat of being unmistakingly bad but have earned over $100 Million at the box office.   Some because of hype and high expectations, some because they were riding on the coattails of better movies, and some because they starred Will Smith. Here are the fifteen worst movies that have made the most money at the box office, and yeah I know it’s a matter of opinion, but I always happen to be right.

15) The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (2000) – $123,309,890


Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny? It rings a distant bell…

I’m going to try to stay away from sequels in this list as much as possible, because they usually make so much money by luring people who liked the older, better movies into watching them. However, the first Nutty Professor was marginal at best, and the sequel was a fatsuit farting fest that’s known today as one of the worst examples of lowest common denominator comedy.

14) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)– $131,168,070


“If you tell 20 friends to see this movie, I’ll get this shirt wet.” Wait, James? Is that you?

Is this the highest grossing video game movie ever? I think it might be. Unfortunately the entire profit was made purely on the fact that guys wanted to see their long-held fantasy fleshed out by one of the most gorgeous women in the world. The film also marks the point where Angelina began her transformation from “crazy” to “sexy.”

13) Anger Management (2003) – $135,645,823


Please explain what’s happening here.

Everyone had high hopes for this comedy which featured Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson yelling at each other, but I’ll be damned if I ever her two good words about this movie. And while researching this list, do you have any idea how many Adam Sandler movies have made over $100M? I think eight. That’s insane, and I guess what you’d call a “fan base.”

12) Godzilla (1998) – $136,314,294


Yeah, alright, this is from the video game. But the graphics are about the same anyways.

Yes, the Matthew Broderick one. It’s obscene that this made $50 million more than the vastly superior Cloverfield, but I guess that’s what brand recognition is for. This is the first of the big budget remakes that made an incredible amount of money despite sucking just because of the franchise’s storied history. At least it wasn’t Godzilla 2000 though.

11) Rush Hour 3 (2007) – $140,125,968


I’ve never seen one picture sum up a movie so well.

I know, I know. I’m trying to stay away from sequels, I really am, but I had to call out Rush Hour 3. The first two were pretty damn funny, but for the third, Brett Ratner clearly needed six years to figure out how to strip out any remaining intelligence from the series in order to produce this obligatory third chapter. One of the laziest pieces of filmmaking I’ve ever seen.

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  1. I would agree with most of your choices in this list for sure especially Pearl Harbor. I am confused about how you even considered Anger Management and I Am Legend, they blew other movies of their genre out of the water. They grossed big because they were good movies and people went to see them because of that, the other movies got bad reviews and not many people enjoyed the movies its just that more people went to see them than other films. To base a list off of personal opinion is fine, but without justification as to why they were bad is a good thing too.

  2. I am legeand!!!!?????? Are you out of your mind! That was one of the greatest movies ever made!!!! Pearl Harbor!!!! YOUR A GOD DAMNED IDIOT!!!! YOU COULDNT RATE THE SHIT I TAKE LET ALONE MOVIES!!!!! I SAY GET YOUR ASS UP AND MAKE YOUR OWN DAMNED MOVIE IF YOUR SO GOD DAMNED CRITICAL! ASSHOLE

  3. I definitely wont agree with the below movies in this list
    1) Anger Management – Very good Story and Jack Nicholson is always a star to watch in screens and what do you see wrong with Adam Sandler?
    2) XXX- Wow amazing action. Worth to watch in theatres and imax
    3) Wild Hogs – Laughed off rolling on the couch

    Other than I too agree with the rest of the movies..

  4. Honestly…I am surprised that author has put some of the really great movies in this worst movie list.
    These are your opinions and I guess you should keep it to yourself…instead of making a mockery of yourself…

    Oh..well may be not – you have hit the Digg front page allright !

  5. I respect the fact that this list is an opinion. However, the fact that you said the second ending to the I Am Legend would’ve been better; you lost my respect.

    True, the second ending would explain the revengeful nature of the main zombie/vampire creature. But the dramatic humanistic side of the creature with the whole butterfly and love interaction is too hollywood-esque to me.

    C’mon are you kidding me? The cruel martyr of Robert Neville so appropriately fits the title “I Am Legend” AND keeps the irrefutable evidence of Neville’s desire of curing the disease as movie story worthy.

    I could ramble on about a lot more about why this movie isn’t bad let alone even good, but I’ll leave that to drift into the air.

  6. spider man 3. lol. Good pic for #1. Pretty good list overall I think. I always wondered why will smith didn’t get in the safe place with that beezy, throw the grenade, and then close the door. I could go on for a while about some of these movies.

  7. um your article sucks dude, we didn’t need a list to tell us sequels make money.

    You even mention how you’re trying to stay away from sequels – yet over 1/4 of them are sequels

  8. I must say….the only one I can truly agree with is in the #1 spot.

    The others aren’t that bad, except for a few of them.
    Particularly Nutty Professor 2, and Meet the Fockers.

    I mean, I kinda liked a few of them.
    Definitely not the 15 worst movies!

  9. You wanna know why Rush Hour 3 sucked so badly? The original script from 2001 featured Carter and Lee preventing a terrorist attack on The World Trade Center.


    Google that shit.

    That’s why the franchise was delayed for a half-dozen years and the film ended up being bland. They had to rewrite the entire plot and every goddamned joke in the script to avoid making patriotic mouth-breathers in Topeka cry by making the every government police agency look like the retards they are.

  10. Spiderman 3 deserved the spot. Horrible, horrible movie.

    One of these very few “plz shoot me now” moments I had while watching a movie premiere in a theater.

  11. No No No

    I Am Legend is a fucking TERRIBLE movie. The alternate ending explains the whole point of the goddamn book, that the monsters were actually intelligent and have built their own society, and Will Smith was a bastard (their “legend”) for going around killing them. That was completely lost in the re-cut movie.

    I’m not going to put Titanic on the list because most people hate it simply by reputation and it won about fifty oscars, which is some sort of indicator that it’s actually good. Plus, I liked it. Yeah, I said it.

    I’m not going to listen to people debate the merits of Nutty Professor 2 and the “holy water” in Signs. Phantom Menace was debatable, and is the only one I might concede. Also, these are just listed in order of how much money they made, not how bad they are. And when you have like 500 movies to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down to 15.

    The point is, write your own damn list.

  12. Few things amuse me as much as people getting angry because they disagree with a list. Seriously, prioritize and re-evaluate your lives, losers.

    “However, the fact that you said the second ending to the I Am Legend would’ve been better; you lost my respect. “

    Really? So you had respect for Sub-Zero, but since he thought an alternate ending for I Am Legend would have been better, you lost it? That’s how you respect people? It depends on if their opinions align with yours?

    What a sad, scared, pathetic, petty life you must live.

    “Your an idiot.. maybe they made money because people liked some of these movies… or does that not fit with your self absorbed view of things?”

    The irony here is great. It’s “you’re,” not “your.” Doesn’t make you look real credible to call people idiots when you can’t figure out simple 4th grade grammar. Kill yourself.

    “The guy who made this list needs to have his testicles stomped. Do the internet a favor and don’t type anymore articles.”

    Yes, do everyone a favor and stop typing articles they are forced to read. For these heinous acts, Sub-Zero, you should have your testicles stomped. Yes, simply for having an opinion that differs from Ali’s, you’re a horrible person who deserves physical pain.

    Does anyone with a triple-digit IQ comment on here? Or is it just frightened losers who can’t cope when someone has a different taste in movies that they do? Pathetic.

  13. If you people are seriously trying to defend Adam Sandler, then please do us all a favor and remove yourselves from the gene pool.

    Adam Sandler.



  14. if any of you would take the time to read I Am Legend you would know the ending to the movie sucked and completely stripped the movie of all credibility. this list is great, some are ok in the visually appealing sense but really are awful from a cinematic aspect. and whats with all the negativity, its a man’s opinion and he even makes fun of it when he says “yeah I know it’s a matter of opinion, but I always happen to be right.” take it with a grain of salt and laugh at it, thats what lists like these are for. just because you laughed or cried or thought it looked good doesnt make it a great movie, it makes it entertaining, but not necessarily a good movie.

  15. I love how everyone is saying how awesome I AM LEGEND was. Did you watch the same movie? I could have been so much better. Sooo much better. It SHOULD have been so much better.

    And Wild Hogs made how much?

    Decent list but should have included Star Wars with Jar Jar somewhere.

  16. Better list that includes sequals (worldwide Gross Revenue):

    10.) Batman & Robin – $238,210,000
    9.) Rush Hour 3 – $255,045,896
    8.) Ocean’s Twelve – $362,744,280
    7.) War of the Worlds – $591,745,528
    6.) Hancock – $624,100,956
    5.) Attack of the Clones – $649,398,328
    4.) Spider-Man 3 – $890,871,626
    3.) Phantom Menace – $924,000,000
    2.) Pirates 3 – $960,996,492
    1.) Titanic – $1,848,813,795

  17. I Am Legend was really good. I don’t know where you got that from. The CGI is not great, but not bad either. I think the worst CGI of all time has to be the effects in “Jumanji.”

    You could’ve included Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in that list. That movie sucked so hard and I was pissed because I loved the 3 ones before that so much.

    The Star Wars prequels are also MUCH suckier than some of the movies you have on here. Spider-Man 3 and I am Legend are each 10 times more entertaining than listening to the fucky dialogue in Star Wars prequels.

  18. Fuck I am Legend, more like “I am bad spin off loosely resembeling an excellent book that changed a genre”. The book was a revelation to the genre, the movies was a mocerey trying to pose as an adaptation. If you liked the movie, go read the book and realize just how bad the movie is.

  19. I am only compelled to write this to provide some sense of balance to all the haters who felt they needed to post on here. I have seen all but one of these listed movies and they were all awful! Movies like Spiderman 3 and Signs are the reasons that I stopped going to see movies in the theater. Spending around $10 and leaving the theater with the feeling that I had actually had my testicles stomped just made it not worth it anymore. All of these movies are prime examples of either (a) formulaic plots always win out in hollywood, (b) too many cooks in the kitchen will always ruin the stew, or (c) the american public will always pay to see a movie with hottie actors, mindless action, and/or fart jokes.

  20. Chrison 26 Nov 2008 at 1:04 am

    I am legeand!!!!?????? Are you out of your mind! That was one of the greatest movies ever made!!!! Pearl Harbor!!!! YOUR A GOD DAMNED IDIOT!!!! YOU COULDNT RATE THE SHIT I TAKE LET ALONE MOVIES!!!!! I SAY GET YOUR ASS UP AND MAKE YOUR OWN DAMNED MOVIE IF YOUR SO GOD DAMNED CRITICAL! ASSHOLE


    Dude speak up we can’t hear you.
    Pearl Harbor was pretenious American claptrap.

    From Here to Eternity, Tora Tora Tora, and In Harms Way it isn’t.

  21. This list is entirely accurate maybe leaving some off that deserve to be there .. for all the people defending I am Legend.. Yes it could have been a good movie… but once producers “test audiences” got through with it they turned it into a bunch of garbage theres no plot.. have the foreshadowing goes out the window.. like how they set a trap to catch Neville why would a bunch of crazy blood thirsy non intelligent vampires set traps it doesnt make sense unless you had a different ending. Anybody that says it was any better than awful has no taste in movies and will believe what ever marketing companies tell them too.

  22. Star Wars prequels (at least ep. 1) deserves an honorable mention.

    However, the lack of “Titanic” on here…the movie that somehow wanted me to root for a lying, cheating, golddigging, scanky hoe…makes this a fail in my book.

  23. Hey Madison…two things…

    First of all, when pointing out that someone may be a little unbalanced and taking things waaay too seriously, it is probably not the best strategy to do it by appearing a little unbalanced and taking things waaay too seriously. You really said “kill yourself”…really?

    Secondly, it is “your” and not “you’re”. You claim it should read: “or does that not fit with you are self absorbed view of things”. He wanted ownership, “your…view”, not the contraction of you are.
    That, my friend, is irony!

    I would take a wild guess that the OP was done for the lolz. I certainly got mine from reading your…or is it “you’re”?…reply.

  24. @gh0st

    No, gh0st, irony is you not recognizing – in your attempt to correct me – that I was referring to the “your” in “Your an idiot,” as posted by one of the commenters above. Read my post again.

    Keep up the good detective work, genius.

  25. I hope ‘Twilight’ makes it onto one of these lists in the future, because it seems to be on its way to making a shitload of money and it certainly is a really FREAKING HORRIBLE movie.
    Nice list, mostly. Personally, i thought Anger Management was really funny. In fact, i might just go watch it right now.
    M Night S. needs to take some time in the penalty box, though, especially after ‘The Happening’.

  26. I will try to do this the best i can for a spaniard writing in english..

    # gh0ston 26 Nov 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Secondly, it is “your” and not “you’re”. You claim it should read: “or does that not fit with you are self absorbed view of things”. He wanted ownership, “your…view”, not the contraction of you are.
    That, my friend, is irony!

    I belive you yourself have made a mistake.. If you look closely you will see that the comment Madison made was refered to the begining of the comment made..

    “Your**an idiot, maybe they made money because people liked some of these movies… or does that not fit with your self absorbed view of things?”

    Your**: Lets go back to 4th grade and think… is that supposed to have ownership?? sure being an idiot you own the title but I don´t think that is what he ment… You want to talk about irony??? I think next time you´ll think twice before commenting on a “your” “you´re” issue.. I mean HELLLOOOOO even I got it and english isn´t my native language..

    Anyway, I can´t really say that i agree with the choice of all the movies on this list, there are obviously many other movies that deserve the ranking more but.. it´s just someones opinion.. I´m still breathing and he put XXX in there.. I LOVE IT!!

    SO…my advice to everyone out there bitching abut this ranking just because they don´t agree: make YOUR own damn ranking!!!

    that´s good with the ownwership right???

  27. you sir are retarded and need to ban yourself from watching/reviewing movies immediately and while your at it disable your internetz.
    seriously this is the worst list ever made, and you have HORRIBLE taste in movies…..

  28. Signs was a good movie. The ending makes sense. Water is not present on any planets that we know of other than earth. So why shouldn’t it be the secret weapon? If it rained when they attacked? Then it would have been a short movie.

  29. I have to strongly disagree with most of this list or maybe just the title. I personally thought that at least half of these movies were quality movies that could have been better but far from the worst movies

  30. Signs???

    That was a great movie, why did they attack even with the water?

    They CLEARLY said the aliens “Came to harvest US”. They need humans, they aren’t looking for a planet. They need humans, we need water, they must brave water to get us.

  31. I respectfully agree and disagree with various parts of your list, sir.

    Though, after reading your comment, I shall from hereon in write my own and not read anything you write.

  32. How can Titanic not top this list. There can be no debate. Talk about I am Legend or the steaming piles that Gibson and Sandler leave us every year, but Titanic wrapped horrid up in pretentious.

  33. yeah…wild hogs was a shit fest i mean john travolta was an even bigger dOOSH (sp?) bag than usuall…
    the klumps’ crudeness just defeated the whole plot (if there ever was one…i cant remember)
    i really like XXX and the day after tomorrow…i mean they needed all that money to pay off the debt in order to make it.

    and Signs??? i loved it. and you know what??? “what if it rained when the aliens attacked???” Really? really though? what the fuck kind of criticism is that??? what if it rained??? then the movie would be over. it’s a good thing it didn’t rain…now we know how much worse the movie would’ve been if we handed the manuscript off to sub-zero to write.

  34. To the people saying ‘I Am Legend’ didn’t suck balls:

    Watch ‘Omega Man’ (For those that don’t know, an older movie based off the same book as ‘I Am Legend’, directed by Charles Heston. Really great movie.) I know, I know, it doesn’t have overkill CGI graphics, or (*Gasp*) Will Smith, but it makes up for it with… I don’t know… Being good?

    I couldn’t get through I Am Legend, because I watched Omega Man previously =/ It pales in comparison.

    The list is pretty good. Though I’d have swapped ‘Spiderman 3’ with ‘X-Men 3’. Otherwise I agree that most of these were crap movies (With a couple of exceptions).

  35. those were great movies whoever said they wouldnt has nothing better to do then bitch and moan about them take a hint dumb arse nobody cares!!! if you feel the need to complain about what other people think then your pathetic.. maybe try getting laid? might loosen up your bull brain

  36. this list is totally tendencious and provocative since it does not include a bunch of other much worse movies that earned same or even more money if we look it proportionally to its level of stupidness.

    so i suggest to the writer of this list to take list of cooking suggestions next time.

  37. This list sucks! (and still sucks some more)..

    Hey, I enjoyed:

    1. The day after tomorrow,
    2. Hancock,
    3. Spiderman 3 (inspite of being a remake of a cartoon and a sequel)
    4. I am Legend
    5. Tomb Raider (there’s an actual plot you see..)
    6. XXX

    Get rid of this author! He has sincere “being entertained” phobias/misconceptions.

  38. This is a good list of bad movies that made a lot of money. (I am surprised to not see a Star Wars prequel on there or Matrix 2 or Matrix 3, though).

    Good or Bad. It’s all a matter of opinion. I agree with every film on there. I didn’t see a handful of them because I already knew they would be awful.

    How? Do I have a crystal ball?

    The answer: Good Taste

    If you thought “I Am Legend” was a good movie, do yourself a favor and read the actual story by Richard Matheson, 1954. It’s only 170 pages (in the copy I have). I read it before the film hit the theaters. It was brilliant. Really brilliant. That movie could really have “been” the stuff of legend if producers and Big Hollywood didn’t get in the way. I haven’t seen “The Omega Man” yet, but I already know it’s superior to the Will Smith version.

  39. dude i am legend was amazing and so was anger management. the day after tomorrow was ok too but i dont think it should be on this list. and i think twilight should be number one, wayyyyyyyyy too much hype and the movie wasnt all that good anyways, the book was better

  40. You know what would have made I Am Legend a billion times better? If was anywhere near how the original STORY was written years and years ago. Look it up, it’s like 100something pages long…and awesome. The movie was awesome for being a movies sake, but as an adaptation it sucked. ^_^

  41. I Am Legend sucked ass because it didn’t stick to the book, which for some reason no one knows about.
    It would have been a good movie with a different title. If you’re going to make a book into a movie atleast stick to it or make it better.

    Twilight sucked so much dick I couldn’t even finish the movie. I don’t know how people can believe it was good. The whole thing was ridiculous and soo cheap even for it’s budget.

  42. some of these films are amazing:

    I am legend
    spiderman 3
    rush hour 3
    the day after tomorrow

    all the others were shitty i got 2 admit but u dont no a lot of good films at all

  43. I have to disagree about Spiderman 3, The Day After Tomorrow, and I Am Legend. Also, I believe you forgot one pretty big bad movie that made the most money–The Wizard of Oz. I was expecting that to be #1. I have it and on the special features, the host herself even admits to it being a great success despite how bad the movie was. I’m not saying I don’t like it, I mean come on, it’s classic and it has some historical value, but overall as a movie it’s not that great.

  44. Wow. It is sad that I am commenting on the comments of a “List”. But the comments have become a more popular discussion than the actual “list”. Yeah, I liked most of the movies on that list, but that is my opinion, just like it was his opinion that got this huge comment fight started. Seriously people, he didn’t force you to click on the link that took you here. Read the list, laugh at/ignore the list. But more importantly don’t forget THIS IS NOT REAL! Get your panties out of a wad.

  45. Oh no! A bunch of self-important pre-pubescent assholes read your opinion about a bunch of movies and suddenly feel compelled to insult you. What ever will you do?

    People crack me up. This is my favorite tho:


    Afraid of the caps lock key, buddy? Don’t worry. It doesn’t bite. You sure showed the writer and you sound so intelligent too!

    The runner up:

    “What A-HOLE made this list? Half the movies on here WERE ACTUALLY GOOD! This was based on opinon and whoever wrote this should burn in hell!”

    Yes, opinion, my dear Chelsea. You recognize that yet you still feel compelled to fire hateful comments. It must be that shitty Hollywood name your parents gave you.

    I love stupid people 😀

  46. First off, like the list Sub.

    Secondly, other than Lara (sadly it is one of the least repulsive video game crossovers yet made … and yes, the whole T&A angle was a big factor in its success) I agree pretty much with all of these.

    I Am Legend –
    here chumps, read the plot for the book (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Legend), if you can honestly say that you still think the movie plotline is better than the original book, congrats, 70%+ of movies that come out of Hollywood each year should meet your minimal expectations for entertainment. Yes, the acting was good, I’d even say the first half was very good, but the CGI was fucking horrendous and the ending equally so. Yes, I’ll admit, I was bummed when the dog bit it.

    Hancock –
    Great initial premise, again executed pretty well till about the midpoint, then BAM! Highway to Shittown!

    Flame on kiddos.

  47. Alll I can say is that, although I do agree with a decent number of those, there are certainly a few that i disagree with. Mainly being Anger Management, and sort of Hancock. I’d say Hancock is 50/50, the first half being good, the 2nd being meh. But still, Anger Management shouldn’t be on the list.

  48. I am Legend wasn’t that bad.

    Hancock wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.

    But yeah…Spiderman 3 was horrible. I have never seen a movie more deserving of the number 1 spot on a list.

  49. To Anon:

    Omega Man was a great flick (and, an old favorite…I remember the trailer made me crazy to see this when I was a kid!).

    But, for the record, it was not directed by the late Charlton Heston…it *starred* Heston. It was directed by Boris Sagal.

    You are correct, though…it blew I AM LEGEND (the movie) away! 🙂

    If I had to put the movies/book in order, I would take:

    1) The Omega Man
    2) I Am Legend (the novel)
    3) I Am Legend (the movie)
    4) The Last Man On Earth (movie with Vincent Price…scared me as a kid, but made me laugh as an adult)

  50. I am Legend, what a bad movie. Let’s see the Zombies can scale buildings in NYC, but they can’t climb the 20 ft. wall that surrounds the human outpost? How long did it take him to build the security into his apartment all by himself without being a carpenter/welder/steelworker? How did he survive that?

    I think if you are going to turn a book into a movie, you should stick to the basic storyline of the book. That is the story that was liked enough to get the green light for the project. Along the way, movie studio talking heads and producers/directors all think they have this great idea about how to improve the story. Stop, because you don’t.

  51. I agree with the list. I don’t know why people are getting upset about Legend being on there. I guess thats why the movie made so much money though. It was awful…just awful. Haven’t seen Hancock but I’m not going to waste my time. Pearl Harbor could have been such a great movie if it weren’t for the script, plot and casting. I think your negative feedback gives a good demographic into your reader’s age or at least their IQ.

  52. You sir, are a terrible person! How could you say all these are horrible? Your opinion obviously is wrong. I mean come on, I AM LEGEND?!?! A movie that the ending makes the ENTIRE rest of the movie pointless has to be amazing. And SPIDERMAN 3…that was a great bedtime movie…I was out in less than ten minutes.

  53. I’m pretty sure that any test audience wouldn’t have liked a movie actually made from the “I Am Legend” book. He really does end up being the only surviving human. He gets captured and talks to the Vampires, at which point he learns that he is legend to their people. He is the only living remnant of the human race and has single-handedly destroyed hundreds if not thousands of them.

    Then they eat him. 😀

    What’s not to like?

  54. I love how people can’t accept this is an opinion piece. Don’t agree with someone’s opinion, either have an intelligent discussion to figure out why someone feels a certain way about an issue, or simply choose not to participate in a petty argument.

    Fighting on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  55. Wow! I’ts fun watching people bash each other over the head about a matter of opinion. After all, what would be the use of having an opinion if it’s the same as everyone else’s?

    I think the film industry has realized that a movie dosn’t have to be “good” for people to like it. Basicly it just has to be consistant from one scene to the next, have a few creative effects and scenarios and some aspect that resonates with most of the audiences’ experiences or feelings; anything from a previously seen movie to a fear of vampire zombies, for example.

  56. The only movie on this list that I disagree with is I Am Legend. In my defense, though:
    -I have not seen The Omega Man
    -I have not read the book
    -I didn’t even pay for it (I downloaded it)
    -I only saw the alternate ending (though I’ve read a synopsis of the original)

    The special effects were a little crappy, and the blatant Boy and his Dog/Road Warrior dog rip-off felt a little overdone, but I liked the overall feeling of isolation. I wasn’t overly critical on it, I just sat back and enjoyed it.

  57. wow, im going to come to this site more often before i go see a movie, everyone on this list i have seen i gave a 10 out of 10, so this must be were all the good movies are. and if this guy didnt like them, he must love the barbie video’s cause i hate them but love these, well not everyone has movie tast like me, lol.

  58. I never agreed with the hatred of Signs. M.Night is a brilliant director who pulls of a great dramatic film. Yet everyone slams it because of the water thing.

    So what? It didn’t rain and the aliens didn’t know of said weakness until 24 hours after their attack. Is it perfect? No, but not worth hating the movie over.

    Otherwise I find it just as appealing as Unbreakable and Sixth Sense (though you can’t compete with the Sixth Sense ending)

  59. I love these comments. It’s good to see what your target demographic is.
    I don’t think that I have ever seen “Anger Management” described as brilliant before.
    Great list, though.

  60. i thought hancock, anger management and I am legend were all awesome but whatever i guess this is why i dont go with what other people say about movies anymore

  61. this the worst list ever, rush hour 3 was very funny, pearl harbor is an amazing movie, i am legend is also a very good movie…you cant honestly think these are the worst movies you could find

  62. who ever made this list is an idiot. not only are some of the movies on this list not the worst but some of the best. yeah some of them were crap but Anger Management, The Day After Tomorrow, Hancock, I Am Legend and signs were great movies and some the others were ok but far from the worst. i guess next list you write will have forest gump or Rain Man on it as well ha ha. dump ass!!!

  63. the one who created this list is an asshole..movies like pearl harbour, day after tomorrow, i m legend which rocked at the theater and are among the best movies till date, this fucker has listed here.

    U asshole change ur taste or stop watching movies.
    U r a sin …. u got that


    You are obviously a retard who has no life.

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  66. Why do so many people hate on “Planet of the Apes” I love that movie. Even before I learned it was directed by Tim Burton. <3 The story was solid, the characters real and the acting was great. The only thing that sucked was the ending.

    "I Am Legend" was beautiful. One of Smith's best
    It was a near perfect movie.

    As for Hancock….
    I say only the first half was great. After the midpoint… :C
    yeah I guess it could go on this list.

    This list just goes to show you everybody is different. I thought "There Will be Blood" was horrible except for a few scenes and I loved "Cloverfield".

  67. I did happen to read I Am Legend before watching the movie, and while I was disappointed at the HUGE differences in the storylines, I was still able to enjoy the movie. And while I would personally disagree with a couple others on the list (Day After Tomorrow, Hancock), I can still respect the opinions of the author, although I would say both Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End could be possibilities.. I loved Curse of the Black Pearl, but DMC and AWE are just so messed up and all over the place.. Anyweays, just my take, good list nonetheless!

  68. Hey “unknown”, “Lalaa” and all you other vitriol spewers: opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got one. Learn to acknowledge those you don’t agree with (and there will no doubt be many) and you’ll live a happier life without annoying the rest of us.

  69. While none of the movies on this list are great, I Am Legend and Signs are both infinitely better than The Phantom Menace or Indiana Jones and the Plastic Skull Movie. Come on!

  70. Hahahahahaha, the only thing keeping Cloverfield from being as shitty as the Muricazilla movie is the fact that Cloverfield was bad without butchering something that used to be good.

    Godzilla Final Wars stomps both of them it’s not even funny. Even the cheesiest of Heisei Godzilla movies stomps them.

  71. Speaking as someone who read I am Legend, and saw the movie, I will say this: the alternate ending was about as much of a cop-out as the ending of Breaking Dawn pt 2 (which a couple friends of mine dragged me to). It was “Hey, let’s Deus ex Machina in a happy ending!”

    That being said, the theatrical cut didn’t quite do the book justice either, but that original ending was the best they could do, since they changed what those infected by the virus became. The film basically used zombies that had lost the ability to speak English, and basically reverted to the Paleolithic Era. The book, however, used vampires, kept them sentient, and differentiated between two major groups: the ones that were walking corpses and that Neville was justified in destroying, and the ones that were still alive and came to think of Neville as, essentially, the worst of the “things that go bump in the night” so to speak.

    In other words, the movie COULDN’T use an ending that would be loyal to the source material, because they took such a massive departure from it to begin with. (It’s also worth noting that Neville was essentially a no-name war veterean in a small town who became immune because he survived an infection from a weaker strain of the disease during the war)

  72. Really? I Am Legend is terrible? Uh, no. The rest I can agree with…but you need a better list.

    How about:

    Batman and Robin (1997): $107,325,195

    Grown Ups (2010): $162,001,186

    Transformers (2007): $319,246,193

    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999): $1,027,044,677

    Twilight (2007): $192,769,854

    Just to name a few…your list is kind of pathetic because you forgot these.

  73. I haven’t seen all the movies on this list, but the ones I did see I thought were either decent or good. I guess I’m not much of a critic, but I prefer it that way. At least I can watch a movie without there being a 40% chance of me hating it and feeling cheated at the end. In fact its pretty rare I walk away from a movie feeling as though I just wasted two hours of my life I’ll never get back. It’s pretty great actually.

    Also, to everyone saying that I Am Legend sucked because it was an insult to the source material, that’s irrelevant. What determines if a movie is good isn’t how loyal or honoring it is to the source material, it’s how well it stands up as an independent movie. A movie can be a good movie but be a bad adaption. One shouldn’t forget to acknowledge the distinction.

  74. haha i thought it was funny. dont agree with some, but most are spot on. i read like 8 comments and these people are taking this posting wayyy to seriously. i found this article out of amazement that effin i know what you did last summer made like 125 million… “Three too many villains, two too many musical outbursts, and one too many emo haircuts.” hahah nailed it with that awful movie

  75. After reading all these comments I have to say, I have never seen so many haters in one article. You don’t need to swear and cuss each other out, it makes you look uneducated; that includes the “professional” critics on this page and the “college level” grammar critiques out there who state there hateful opinions, provide no factual evidence, and dare to open their mouths when they have not done research. Insulting ones intelligence and then swearing at them is hypocritical and hence amusing at the same time.

    I want to leave you haters with a message. What is the purpose of swearing? It is simply a bad habit that I too unfortunately am a victim of. It’s caused by the exposure to a hate filled environment which I can testify being a high school student.

    Also, no one is retarded, so putting a message up in capitals does nothing. We can read. We can analyze each others debate points.

    I did prefer the second ending to “I am Legend” 🙂 It makes sense with the plot and actually leaves the viewer with a sense of satisfaction and or moral but of course many people are too mesmerized by the dramatic grenade explosion 😐 Nevertheless if you were to ignore the ending you would find that this movie has a great plot purpose and balances the action well. There is a dude with immense responsibility on his shoulders and he is determined to cure society of a plague. This movie certainly doesn’t follow Hollywood’s movie formula 😉 and I don’t see and Disney happily ever after either.

    Anger Management I would consider as a movie that should also be removed from the “bad list”. It was one of the best comedies in my opinion. The jokes were clever and intelligent and I didn’t see any plot holes. Why did people hate this one? I challenge the next commentator to give his opinion why it was bad 🙂

    Finally, I fail to understand why people hate the Titanic. Romance is not my thing and its blatant that its not a very popular genre with these male commentators but it is a classic and won many Oscars so doesn’t that mean it’s good? lol.

    I realize that placing myself as a mature person will somehow make people think I am submissive. I am not and I don’t tolerate trash commentary. If you want to debate we can debate like adults, but don’t bother playing stupid with me or sound like your pissed off at the world. Be nice 😉

  76. Wow! I wrote an essay *face palm. Lol that was not my intent. Anyway I made some grammar mistakes. Big whoop…so the next guy who feels like trolling can stop now because I could honestly care less 😀 plus I am not turning this in to a teacher either.

  77. Its obvious how many of you didn’t read anything beyond the movie title. In each Will Smith movie he talks about how Smith carried the otherwise bad film, and had a lot of poor edit choices not been made they would have been far superior.

    And YOU. #Chris. You are the reason childbirth should be licensed. “YOUR AN IDIOT!!!!!” First of all. It’s you’re. You idiot. Second, you only need one exclamation point. That is the point of the exclamation point. Third, Pearl Harbor was awful.

    For the most part I agree with this list. Even though I enjoy a number of the movies I can freely admit they’re not very good. Though I massively disagree with Hancock, while the r version would have been far superior, I found it to be a pretty great Original Super Hero flick. And Tomb Raider. It was mindless fun, and based on a version of a series that didnt have a very strong plot at the time.

  78. What about the Transformers films? Or any goddamn Michael Bay film? They already some of the worst films ever, and they always make an obscene amount of dumb peoples’ cash.

      1. Yeah, If Avatar (2009) (an even worse film causing an even bigger tear in the fabric of time) couldn’t make this list made in 2008 then certainly The Avengers couldn’t make it. Unless you mean the one from 1998. That was god awful.

  79. The only thing I read is: ”I think it could have been better.” ”I think this” ” I think that.” obviously alot of people liked it which defines it as not a bad movie. your personal opinion does’nt matter then. indeed some movies could have been better. but at least come with facts. not with what you think is good/could have been better.

  80. OK enough with “I am Legend”. I have not read the original book and was not aware of what the original writer was getting across. That humanity had mutated and was the new Species at the top of the food chain.

    Now the author of the list compares the movie with the original source material which was evidently the book. That being so it is actually OUT OF PLACE in this list as the way I read it that is the only movie he compares with the source material. And Sub-Zero rates I am Legend as a terrible movie because of how far it deviates from the book, while none of the others are rated in that fashion that I can see. None of the other movies on the list seem to be compared to any book it may have been based off of.

  81. To all those defending Signs…I really tried to resist the urge to to reply but alas, after reading the 6th or 7th one I lost my resolve.

    We primitive lifeforms called who are -incapable- of traveling past our own satelite(moon) have managed to determine the composition of of planets light years away by analyzing the light spectrums .

    But you seem to think that an advanced species capable of intergalactic travel, hell bent on attacking and “harvesting” us failed to notice that 75% our planet’s surface consists of a subtance harmful to them?(And that this substance falls from the sky on a regular basis) Or that the organisms they intend on harvesting are made up mostly of this same substance?

    That would be like NASA spending trillions to send an invasion force to a completely unknown, unstudied planet to harvest creatures they know absolutely nothing about.

    So either an idiotic storyline or severly brain damaged aliens try to attack earth. Pick one…

    1. or try not to think that hard about the plot of a scary movie… The ending to war of the worlds in just as dumb, scientifically speaking. We’ve known about first contact sickness for a couple hundred years at least. The space-faring aliens don’t?

  82. So followed a link to this article and started reading the 2008 comments and thought… “Man, believe it or not the internet really has matured in the las 5 years, now you rarely see so many retarded, hateful comments outside of youtube”. Then I got to the 2013 comments calling the author a pathetic idiot because he “forgot” movies that were released after 2008… Oh Internet, you really are just gonna go downhill from here, aren’t you?

    1. You can probably blame the website, which at the moment lists the publication date as 2015. Why…. I don’t really know. All the comments are at least two years older than the date (“one year ago”) listed at the top.

  83. Best worst comment thread ever… You guys take your love for mediocre to awful movies way too seriously. The only movies that I’ve seen on this list, I saw before I could drive because I generally avoid craptastic movies, but my main addition is definitely Pirates 2.

  84. I actually liked Godzilla, Planet of the Apes, Hancock and I Am Legend, whose original ending, by the way, was very different to the ending of the book, which is very well done.
    I have yet to see a good Roland Emmerich movie. To me they are all terrible, even with John Cusack, and besides the ridiculousness of Signs ending with the aliens reacting like water is acid, it is even more idiotic (and not just for starring Mel Gibson) in that the aliens apparently walk around naked. Surely some water-proof clothes would stop your skin melting every time it gets a little humid.

  85. If only this movie had been released this year, because then it could have replaced Godzilla 1998 with Godzilla 2014. Words cannot express the depths of my loathing for that awful turgid mess of a movie.

  86. Well, this article clearly wasn’t very well researched. 1998 Godzilla actually won awards for it’s special effects, so saying the video game has similar levels of SFX is a big fat lie. If anything, it’s the new one that looks like a video game.

  87. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Michael Bay? Ironman 3? Any part 3 movie? Spider-man 3 broke me. I swore never to be fooled again by Hollywood trickery of sequels.

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