Ten Outtake Reels from Ten Hilarious Comedies

Let me just start by saying, I was randomly Google searching images to lead in to this post, and I got this one. It is amazing.

Moving on, a pretty funny part of a lot of recent movies is the end credits where they play outtakes from the movie. It’s not uncommon that if you’re in a movie with a ton of funny people, they will make you laugh when you’re not supposed to. Whether they were in theaters or not, gag reels do exist for most comedies, and so I decided to pull a few for your watching pleasure.

I stuck with the recent “bro” comedies of the last decade or so to keep with one theme, but I might do a follow up at some point with a more varied selection. Check them out below, and post your favorites in the comments that you think we should see.

Step Brothers


The Hangover


Pineapple Express



Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Talladega Nights

The 40 Year-Old Virgin




I Love You Man

Annnnd The Fast and the Furious. Yes, it is totally a comedy.

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  1. I always love “Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz”, and “Death at a Funeral (the british version).” Wow, that’s a lot of brits, but I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. “The Other Guys” also has a hilarious gag reel.

  2. Wish everyone would quit telling that douche Will Ferrel that he’s funny. The guy is pathetic and is about as funny as a cripples crutch. He just needs to go away and quit wasting peoples time

  3. I thought the headline said ‘outtakes from hilarious comedies’. Is there a link to the other list somewhere? Because when I think of ‘hilarious comedies’, none of these films cross my mind. Unless, of course, you’re 9 years old.

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