The Sherlocks

the sherlocks

It really is rather amazing how successful all three recent reboots of the Sherlock Holmes franchise have been. The movies with Robert Downey Jr. were box office hits. The BBC show with Benedict Cumberbatch is an international phenomenon. The CBS procedural with Johnny Lee Miller is a big hit for the network, and a lot better than people think. All he needs now is a good video game. Kidding, don’t try that. Or do, I’m not sure.

Anyway, at least two of the three main Sherlocks are pictured above in a rather cool “stars hanging out” image. Benendict Cumberbatch smiling has always creeped me out, and this picture is no exception. I’m also amazed that Downey Jr. isn’t wearing sunglasses for once. Errr, wait they’re in his hand, that still counts.


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