The 10 Best Ghosts in Movies


People have been tinkering with the paranormal in movies practically since movies began being made.  It’s always been a fascination of ours to see if there is in fact life after death, even if that life is in some kind of different form.

But when you really think about it, there aren’t that many great individual ghosts one can point out in cinema.  I mean you see scary stuff in films all the time.  But it’s rare that you become attached to a specific character that is in fact a ghost.

I’ve put together a list of 10 ghosts that I think are tops.  And no, Casper is not in this list.

Slimer in Ghost Busters


Let’s face it folks.  Slimer was the best ghost to come out of this movie.  Hell they even made a cartoon out of the show and Slimer was an integral part of it.  Remember Ecto Cooler drinks from Hi-C?  Anyway, the loveable little slob was a great addition to this franchise.  Funny because in the original movie Slimer’s barely in it.

Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooged


Played by David Johansen or better known as Buster Poindexter, you gotta love this character.  He was a total snot, modeled after a typical New York City cab driver (though today that’d be more foreign people).   His raspy voice and total disregard for Frank Cross is awesome.  He deserves a spot on here.

Dr. Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Sure Haley Joel Osment stole the show in this movie but you can’t deny that Bruce Willis didn’t do an excellent job of keeping up with the boy.  He tries in every way to help the young kid and let’s face it, this movie had one of the best endings in Hollywood history.

Sam in Ghost


When he kicks Willy’s ass in the middle of the street it’s pretty awesome.  When he messes with Carl in the office it’s pretty awesome.  When he tries to kick that can in the subway and falls on his ass?  It’s pretty awesome.  When he makes love to Molly near the pottery machine?  Not so awesome.

Beetlejuice in Beetlejuice


I gotta say this is definitely one of Michael Keaton’s best roles.  Simply because it’s so different from many that he plays.  The combination of scumbag, mean, feisty, and all out horndog make this character lovable in a gross kind of way.

Billy Mahoney in Flatliners


How this kid completely messed with Kiefer Sutherland’s character is totally worth a mention.  I mean it’s a 6-8 year old kid who finally gets revenge on a Bully who messed with him 20 years ago.  Totally badass.  Plus he’s the same kid who was in Harry and the Henderson’s.

Candyman in Candyman


Personally I think this is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen.  I know it’s a bold statement but it’s definitely a really freaky movie.  And that is in large part because of the Candyman.  Every time he would scream out “Helen” it gave me the willies.

Delbert Grady in The Shining


Guy murdered his twin daughters.  I think that qualifies.

Large Marge in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Large Marge

I would never leave out Large Marge.   That shrilly laugh is worth a spot in itself.

Samara in The Ring


I’ve actually never seen The Ring but from what I hear it’s one of the freakiest movies of all time.  So on that basis it would be tough for me to leave out the freakiest character, Samara.

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  1. Good list. Samara was pretty damn freaky. It was one of the first movie “baddies”, I’ve seen, that moved with that creepy stop motion…movement. That jerky type of movement thats way overused these days.

  2. Buster was great, no doubt, but I personally preferred the “Ghost of Christmas Present” When she hit’s him with that toaster, my god, funniest part of that movie!

  3. The Ring isn’t really too freaky, it has a good story for a horror movie though. Flatliners is one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen. You forgot to mention that Billy Mahoney actually put a giant spit blob on Kiefer; awesome moment!

  4. Thank you for saying Candyman is one of the best horror movies you’ve seen. When I first watched it, I was expecting a pretty standard horror movie, but it really surprised me. Also, Tony Todd is awesome, and he was the perfect mix of scary and sophisticated in that movie.

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