Dancing Han Solo Makes My Soul Cry


As if you needed another reason to lose faith in Star Wars, here comes a kinect variant of the series. What was thought to be a perfect avenue for you to demonstrate your fake lightsaber swinging skills actually has a dance portion to it. Why? Well, people have figured out that dance games are really the only ones anyone likes on Kinect, so naturally we can shoehorn in one to Star Wars in a way that makes sense, right?

Wrong. This might be the single most offensive video to geeks I’ve ever seen. Not only is Han Solo dancing, but he’s doing so to a rewrite of a Jason Derulo song. “Ridin’ Solo” becomes “I’m Han Solo,” and the rest of the lyrics are changed to encompass space princesses and Jabba the Hutt.

It’s just so unspeakably sad. I want to laugh, but I’m just in mourning for what’s happened to Star Wars.

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  1. I think its hilarious. Anyone that gets angry about what Star Wars is being used for probably needs to let go and do a little bit of maturing.

  2. Honestly, if they had used the regular version of the song, I would have found that pretty funny (not overly, but yeah). The “solo” is still in there and frankly the only thing I understand unless I listen closely, and I could have made the connection myself. If you rewrite the song to actually be about Han Solo the song kind of stops adding anything.

  3. @banko: Try to retract your head from your ass and consider this: A generally liked and key character from your favorite franchise goes “fuck it” and decides to go to Broadway and perform in a show about tampons consisting only of Justin Bieber songs. How do you feel?

  4. So… I got the R2 Xbox yesterday. I’m hoping we can just skip segments of this we don’t like. Crap like this was never in the ad. And you don’t want to know what held this game up for four months. You really don’t want to know.

  5. @wevs its probably not your favorite franchise if you havent liked anything it has produced in the last 30 years. banko is kinda right. you all just really need to relax.

  6. I couldn’t stop smirking at this. I mean it’s all pretty ridiculous and a bit tongue-in-cheek and since I’m not a huge Star Wars fan I don’t feel that offended.

    Though I can get how pissed a fan would be. I mean sure it’s Kinect and that whole gimmick does feel aimed at children but still…wow. I mean the makers must assume long time fans or at least ones that take the franchise seriously would buy this game or they wouldn’t have bothered putting so much background detail into the revamped ‘solo’ song.

    I can assume the experience of watching this for a big SW fan is a little like having your heart ripped out by Lucas himself while he tethers it to a chain and proceeds to use it as a rudimentary mace on your nuts.

  7. you guys need a sense of humor.
    If they made a dbz kinect game where i could rock with freeza and cell I would laugh my ass off and throw my money at them.

  8. Are you kidding?! This is AMAZING, and frankly just plain brilliant. I want this song soooo badly. As a Star Wars nerd, how can you not think this is awesome?? I don’t understand how people can’t find a sense of humor with things like this.

    Overall though. Best. song. cover. EVER! lol

  9. Oh good lord. I LOVE Star Wars, and I still found this to be just a silly, lighthearted piece of fluff. I find it funny that someone who actually has a sense of humor about it is the one told to get their head out of their ass.

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