Super People is a New Battle Royale Coming This August

Super People is a new military-inspired Battle Royale game being developed by Wonder People. Much like other games of this type that came before it, Super People will pit a cluster of gamers onto one map until there is just one person left standing. With this IP, players will be scrambling around Orb Island. A mysterious place that has hidden meaning. On it, are sundry nook and crannies to discover, secrets to unveil, and places to find. Everything from dense foliage to large scientific labs can be found on this map. Much like the Kings Canyon map on Apex Legends, there are various tactical points that players can use to their advantage to overcome their opposition. Of course, the key to success is the find top-tier gear and work with one’s team. Going solo may be possible, but it is not recommended, much like any other Battle Royale game.

Hence, this game does come with a shrinking “ring” in which all the action takes place. In this particular title, it will come in the guise of a blizzard. It will surround the entire map during the match, gradually choking the entire area and forcing players to stay near each other’s vicinity. There is no doubt that the Battle Royale genre is really expanding. Ever since PUBG, there’s been a steady flow of new titles coming from all directions. Battle Royale is a unique challenge for sure and there may be some gamers out there experiencing burnout. However, with Super People, there are some new mechanics being implemented that will provide some freshness to a category of video games that may be getting a little stale. This title may hold the same basic formula sure, but it’s offering a more strategic approach in a more meta sense compared to other IPs.

Lead Slinging Surprise

There was a trailer that was dropped earlier this summer and, although it didn’t show any gameplay, it did provide an insight into how Super People will play. Speaking of which, there is going to be a Beta opening up on August 17th for curious gamers who want to see what this game is all about. Even though other Battle Royale titles have a supersoldier or two in their roster, this IP offers nothing but that. The main difference with the gameplay in Super People is that players will be able to upgrade their character on the fly. Every character will have special abilities and an ultimate which are unlocked after players upgrade their character up to a certain point. There won’t be any build-up or cooldown periods where players will need to just wait for their ultimate to be activated. Instead, they will need to actively build it up.

There will be different ways to upgrade skills during every match. A branching skill tree will be available to where players will need to decide on which direction to take while building up their character. Of course, there will be a slew of colorful characters that all offer something unique to the battlefield. Chances are that there will be different classes of soldiers to choose from. Something like medics, demolition experts, and heavies will most likely be categorized as such. The trailer showed one character blasting off into the sky like a rocket, while another uses a mini-gun to tear down a helicopter. Super People can be played either from a first or third-person perspective. Of course, this also holds true while looking down the scope in the third person, which shifts to the first person. At first glance, this game may seem like a carbon copy of PUBG, however, what its offering is more updated and polished in comparison.

Rolling the Rounds

There will be vehicles to find throughout the map. These come in the form of land, air, and sea. There is even a character that can summer a Hummer as his ultimate to help out on a quick getaway. Thus, other characters will come with abilities that can increase damage, boost shields, and increase speed. This can also be done by consuming capsules that are littered throughout the map. The thing is that these capsules will only juice up the abilities that a particular class has. Thus, there is also a gold capsule that max out ultimates. Certain abilities that characters will have are summoning bigger weapons, having a super dash, and even launching a nuclear strike. Also, let us not forget the elaborate crafting system Super People has.

Throughout each match, players will find random items such as; leather, metal, wood, and other things. These items can be used to craft everything from certain firearms, armor, and ammunition. It is a very simple system where players will just need to hold down a button to make something in-game without needing to sift through a menu. Only certain map segments will be playable every match. Given the size of it, this will reduce the grind and tedious task-work of hunting down other players and getting straight to the action. In any case, Super People appears to be a step-up from what PUBG and other Battle Royales are offering. It may seem like a knockoff, but this game does have its own ideas and voice to where it will no doubt build up a passionate fanbase. The game appears to be in working order and the Beta next month will assure gamers that it’s ready to go.

Bullet Time

With all the Battle Royale games out there, it can be easy to miss Super People. There are some interesting ideas behind it and it has the potential to go a long way. Currently, this game is aimed to be released on PC. However, there is no word on whether or not Super People will come to consoles. It is very possible that it will, but it will take some time and a gaming community with a loud enough voice. This game will drop on August 17th as a playable Beta for everyone to try out.

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