The 15 Dumbest Video Game Tattoos You’ll Ever See


I have nothing against tattoos, it’s just that there’s nothing I care about so much that I want it tattooed on my body for the rest of my life.  Some tattoos can be absolutely gorgeous, but again, I’m not sure I want a piece of art to become part of my skin.  To each his own, I suppose.

Anyway, we’ve posted various video game-themed tattoos in the past here on Unreality, but more often than not it has been to admire and praise the work done on them.  The thing is, for every cool video game-themed tattoo, there are at least five video game-themed tattoos that are simply idiotic.  It’s one thing to put a video game character on your body forever; it’s quite another if it’s poorly designed, inaccurate, or just flat out lame.  Below, take a look at 15 of the dumbest video game tattoos you’ll ever see.


Neck tattoos say, “I’ve gotten as far as I want to in society.”


Star Fox I could understand, but Falco Lombardi?


Yes, it is so bad.  The Power Glove is amongst the most worthless video game accessories of all time.


You’re doing it wrong!  This is analogous to the America who gets a Chinese symbol that he think stands for “honor,” but really means “impotent.”


No.  Just no.


It’s not so much Sephiroth that stinks, it’s the mediocre design and lack of color.  And, oh yeah, also because it takes up his entire back.


Good job, dude.  Even better than a real necklace.


I never really understood logo/brand name tattoos.  Maybe if you’re the owner or founder of the company, but otherwise it’s just weird.


Uh, see above.


At least this guy can grow his hair over this tattoo if he ever realizes how moronic it is.


I can’t decide if the cross makes it better or worse.


This must have taken five minutes to do.  Six minutes tops.


This could be the dumbest one I’ve ever seen, which is really saying something.


Hmmm.  Maybe I spoke too soon.


Shouldn’t one of them be barely conscious and struggling to stand up?

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  1. Number 11 is more a reference to whitest kids you know then video games, and awesome to see it here because after watching the sketch a couple of days ago I was wondering if anyone acturly got that tattoo.

  2. im not sure all of them were actual tatts… my favorite was the down diagonal right punch. been thinking of getting the konami code tatted on me somewhere

  3. @ chelsea

    Maybe I wasn’t as clear as I could have been. Of course I’d want to keep my family and friends forever, I just don’t need a portrait of my mom on my bicep to memorialize this sentiment.

  4. I agree that the Marvel one is very obviously photoshopped. You did pick some good ones. WTF is that, Bowser playing guitar with a pot leaf and a cross? It says Happy Birthday something…interesting. Wonder if it was a dare.

  5. I think that this is so stupid. I can’t believe people would be up to get this tatooed in their bodies. They are probably regretting this already. Yeah they are!!!! Yes THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. STFU BLANCA! You just have nothing better to do but fucking complain and judge this people who you dont even know and know nothing about. Worry about your own fucking skin rather than make fun of others like a fucking 5th grade bully.

  7. What is it with white people and their crazy tattoos? They are also the only group that are into all sorts of death defying sports. From the rest of us, get a life…who raised your ilk?

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