10 Things You Didn’t Know about Atomega


Atomega was an action shooter meant for people who wanted to play multiplayer rather than single-player. On the whole, it met with a rather mixed response. There were some critics who praised it for its unique nature, but there were also critics who were much less enthused because its lack of content meant that it had little staying power. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Atomega:

1. Made By Ubisoft Reflections

For those who are curious, Atomega was made by Ubisoft Reflections, which used to be called Reflections and then Reflections Interactive Limited. Some of its output consists of more experimental titles such as Atomega. However, it tends to be best-known because of the AAA titles that it makes in close cooperation with Ubisoft Leamington.

2. Published By Ubisoft

Of course, Atomega was published by Ubisoft, which can claim the honor of being one of the biggest video game companies that can be found in the western world. It is interesting to note that Ubisoft has more than 40 video game studios situated all around the world. Some of these video game studios such as Ubisoft Reflections bear unique names. In contrast, others are identified by their geographical location and nothing else.

3. Meant to Be Experimental

It has been stated that Atomega was made with an “experimental mindset.” As a result, its more unusual characteristics were very much meant to surprise its players in a positive manner.

4. Doesn’t Seem to Have Had High Expectations Placed Upon It

On the whole, it seems safe to say that Ubisoft placed very little in terms of expectations on Atomega. This can be seen in how the title was announced on September 11 of 2017 and then released on September 17 of 2017, meaning that it received minimal marketing. Furthermore, Atomega was released for just $10, which made it very accessible to interested individuals but perhaps not so profitable for the people behind it.

5. Set At the End of the Universe

It is interesting to note that Atomega is supposed to be set at the end of the universe. We know very little about the ultimate fate of the universe, but based on our current understanding, the likeliest scenario seems to be the Big Freeze. Essentially, our observations indicate that the universe is continuing to expand at a faster and faster rate. As a result, there will come a time when it becomes cold, dead, and empty everywhere, though this won’t be until trillions and trillions of years into the future. Having said that, it is important to emphasize once more that we know very little about this particular subject, meaning that while we have no reason to believe in anything happening besides the Big Freeze, we haven’t exactly managed to rule out those other possibilities either.

6. Each Player Controls an Exoform

Each player controls something called an Exoform, which is supposed to be a distant relative to humans as well as machines. Exoforms start out in a very small and very simple form. However, they can become much bigger and much more sophisticated by collecting points of mass. Players win by having collected the most mass by the conclusion of the 10-minute match.

7. The Ultimate Form Is the Omega Exoform

Collecting mass will cause the player’s Exoform into change into new forms. Each one possesses its own particular combination of upsides and downsides, thus making it better-suited for certain circumstances than for others. For example, a Prime might be stronger than a Saur, but in exchange, a Saur is faster than a Prime. With that said, the ultimate form is the Omega Exoform, which looms over the battlefield thanks to its colossal size. As such, there is nothing that can contend with the Omega Exoform in a head to head confrontation, which is why other players are recommended to attack in a more indirect manner instead. Unfortunately, each match is limited to one Omega Exoform at a time, meaning that there can’t be an Omega vs. Omega match-up.

8. Defeat Means a Loss of Mass

When an Exoform runs out of health, it will lose its collected mass as well. As a result, while it might be possible for a player to win by focusing on nothing but collecting more and more mass, it tends to be helpful for them to spend some time blasting their opponents as well. Besides beating other Exoforms, this can force them to flee via teleportation as well, which isn’t quite as good as beating them but will nonetheless cost them a portion of their collected mass for a reduced effect.

9. There Are Power-Ups

There are power-ups that can be found throughout Atomega. They have properties such as providing their user with increased speed, increased strength, the ability to heal, the ability to suck up uncollected mass, and the ability to make each unit of mass count twice. None of the power-ups last for very long. However, they don’t need to last very long in a 10-minute match for them to have a decisive impact on the ultimate outcome.

10. Different Forms Interact with the Stage in Different Ways

On a final note, good stage design means that different forms interact with the stage in different ways. For example, smaller forms can move through tunnels that larger forms cannot hope to fit through. Likewise, larger forms can cross distances that their smaller counterparts cannot manage. This is important because it gives different forms distinctive advantages, thus making their play experience unique. For instance, a lot of smaller forms are very much focused on scurrying from concealed location to concealed location in search of mass as well as opportunities to ambush other players. In contrast, someone in control of an Omega Exoform will stride across the battlefield, which is awe-inspiring but also a constant drain because they will be very visible and thus very vulnerable to everyone who wants to attack them.

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