The Fastest Feet in the West

One summer, my friends and I got two of those vinyl DDR pads and DDR Max2 for Playstation 2. Spent three months busting our asses to clear every single song, and I swear to god we all lost thirty pounds in the process. Never have a played a game that required more physical exertion, before or since, and almost none that were that fun. “Dance Central” might feature more actual dance moves, but it’s nowhere near as enjoyable.

But even with our skills acing Captain Jack’s song selections, we had nothing on this guy. I’ve seen cross platform doubles DDR before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human being’s feet move quite like this. It’s almost inhuman, and I feel like if this guy ran the 100M dash he’d set a new world record. I get that’s not how muscles work, but still, it’s like the Flash is dancing up in here.

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  1. I’ve never found these sorts of videos impressive. ANY video where they aren’t using the bar is much more impressive. Especially the videos where they manage to make it look like they’re actually dancing, not just playing a video game that makes them stomp around.

    And yes, I do enjoy DDR and Dance Central. Played DDR since the PS2 days, all the way through to the PS3 version (which is garbage). Have a hard pad and everything.

    Dance Central is MUCH more fun. Because you actually ARE dancing.

  2. have you guys heard of itg [in the groove] before? it’s exactly the same thing, but the custom charts that people make for it are ridiculous.
    that’s one link to who i think is one of the best players to date, playing no bar, just because he feels like it, there’s plenty more stuff on his channel. but if you just search in the groove or itg on youtube. and to see people trying to dance while playing [which i haven’t seen done in a long long while] search for ddr or itg freestyle. otherwise, there’s this thing on itg that people make called couples charts, which can be quite entertaining to watch. 😀

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