There’s a Samurai Pokemon Game? Tell Me More

Well this is one bit of promotional imagery that caught my eye. How could I not notice a bunch of people in battle armor with Pokemon at their heels? Is Nintendo finally moving Pokemon on up from a kids game, and letting people train them besides Bug Catchers and Swimmers?

Sort of. As it turns out, this is an upcoming crossover game between Pokemon and Nobunga’s Ambition, which is a Japanese title rooted in the history of that country, though it appears it’s about to get a lot more fictional. I don’t know any more details past this so far, but I believe it’s a 3DS title, and I doubt we’ll see it in America. Ultra sadness.

Check out more promotional images from the game below. I would totally be the Mewtwo Samurai.

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  1. @Tim
    How would it be racist?

    Otherwise, I’m disappointed. I mean, samurai Pokemon sounds okay, but there is SO MUCH potential in the game by simply expanding it to the logical form as a MMORPG.

  2. I second the mmorpg which, if exclusive to wii u would be a giant tactical move no matter how much a person h the gimmickyconsole. Also, if you really want this game in the US start a petition, but word it for an international release so Australia can get it too.

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