Replica Pokeballs for Sale for Serious Monster Catching


What do you buy for the geek who has everything? Why, a replica Pokeball for $100 of course. Sadly these existed before I made my wedding registry, but I’ll just use one of those checks… Thanks Grandma!

But seriously, PTX made high quality replica Pokeballs, and they’re both amazing and goofy as shit. There are only a few people in the world who would pay that much for a Pokeball that doesn’t actually shoot monsters out of it, but one of them is me, so it’s fortunate I found this.

There are also Premiere Balls and Ultra Balls which you can check out below, but after I get my traditional red and white one, I’m out. Once you start buying ALL the replica Pokeball variants, you’ve gone too far.



[via Geekologie]

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