Seven Awesome Movies About Sharks


Sharkwater turns things around. It’s a terrifying documentary by Rob Stewart that focuses on the beauty of sharks, and the harm that’s being done to them. The film attempts to discredit movies like Jaws, that depict sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eaters. Through stunning visuals, Stewart digs deep to expose the corruption and lies that surround these creatures. It’s basically like The Cove, but about sharks.

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  1. “Tintorera” and “The Jaws of Death”! Where my grindhouse at!? Also, I’m with you on Deep Blue Sea. People talk shit, but that is one hell of a fun movie, and it’s a masterpiece compared to 99% of the shark films out there. BWWD is one of the most amazing docs ever, too. Why it doesn’t get aired annually on Shark Week is a mystery to me.

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