Remnant 2: Rise From The Ashes – Adventure Mode Explained

Remnant 2 introduces a litany of new things from its predecessor. Given that this is a souls-like experience, it is easy to be intimated on how this game will play. Needless to say, this game isn’t a ‘walk in the park’ by any means. No, players will be walking in other places that are far and away from what parks are. This game is a linear-open world, teeming with places to discover and explore. It’s not genuinely open-world like Elden Ring, for example. Instead, it’s more like the original Dark Souls, that came before it with its winding pathways.

So, with all this said, there is an ‘Adventure Mode‘ that players can use in this game for their own benefit. For the uninitiated, a new player may not really know what this is. It is basically an alternate way to explore the world, without affecting progress in your campaign. There are some nuances to this that players should know about. Generally, there are some rules and regulations that apply to Adventure Mode that players might overlook. Hence, it might be a good idea to study what it is all about before jumping in.

So, players are free to try out different regions in Remnant 2, using their current Archetype build or a totally different one. Most of the regions in this game are procedurally generated, so no two campaigns will be the same. Therefore, resources are run dry during a playthrough and players will find themselves painted into a corner. This is where Adventure Mode can come in handy.

Benefits of Adventure Mode

Players will be free to try out different regions through this mode using different difficulties. Just like with any other RPG, higher difficulties will reap better rewards. What’s nice about Adventure Mode is that players can re-roll in different regions to have another chance of finding whatever loot they’re looking for. Just sticking with the campaign and looking for ways to upgrade your build can be a grind, no doubt. Luckily, Adventure Mode can alleviate that pressure to a certain degree. This is especially true if a player is trying to build up their Archetype a certain way and they can’t seem to make it work.

Additionally, Adventure Mode is also a handy way to experiment with builds and try different ways to combat enemies. There are also special types of loot that can only be found in Adventure Mode. New gear, Mutators, and even guns can be found exclusively by playing Adventure Mode. So, this isn’t just a “free roam” thing, there are actual benefits to playing it. Players are also free to switch back to their campaign and use the resources they found in Adventure Mode for fighting bosses.

When To Play Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is available by default whenever players start up Remnant 2. Well, playing the campaign for a few hours to unlock it, is more accurate. Therefore, players can jump in whenever they feel like it and try it out whenever they want. As mentioned before, your campaign won’t be affected when playing Adventure Mode. So, players should try this out whenever they have the chance. The campaign in Remnant 2 has moments where players will need to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the story. So, if one decision went sour, then players can try again using Adventure Mode as a testing ground.

Items drop randomly in Remnant 2. So, chances are that players won’t get everything they will need while playing the campaign. Another option is that players can actually re-roll their entire campaign if they feel they’re going down the wrong path. This isn’t something that should be taken lightly, however. Because they will start at square one. A softer variation of this is, of course, using the Adventure Mode instead. Also, players can play this mode on any difficulty they want, including, the Apocalypse difficulty mode. Lastly, Adventure Mode can also be beneficial for players out there who are completionists and want to try and pick this game clean.

How To Unlock Apocalypse Difficulty Mode

So, unlocking the Apocalypse Difficulty mode for Remnant 2 is actually pretty simple. All players have to do is complete the campaign on any difficulty, and it will become available. It won’t be quite available when starting out. Naturally, this mode is for the most hardcore of players, and they will need to be ready for a hefty challenge ahead. Not only are the enemies more deadly, but loot is harder to gather up, as well. On the flip side to this, this difficulty also offers new items to find, most notably special guns.

Guns like; Starkiller, Savior, Repulsion, and World’s Edge are available to find while playing in the Apocalypse difficulty setting. The “big daddy” among all these weapons is World’s Edge. This gun is a sight to behold. In order to get a hold of it, players must replay the entire campaign on the Apocalypse setting and beat it. This means that players must fight Annihilation all over again. If a player manages to pull this off, they can go to Ward 13 and talk to Brabus over at his shop. The World’s Edge will be available for purchase.


For being a sequel to an indie game, Remnant 2 sure comes with a lot of meat on its bones. There are all sorts of ways that players can play this game and there are unique challenges to complete. Adventure Mode offers a new look into this world and offers new angles on how Archetypes can be played. Players who are having a hard time finding what they need in the campaign should try it out. Remnant 2 is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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