Remnant 2: Rise From The Ashes – Tips When Starting Out

Remnant 2: Rise From The Ashes has just dropped and there’s a litany of fans jumping into this souls-like title once again. The first game was a rather small endeavor, with only a handful of developers crafting the project. Now, Gunfire Games have grown a rather respectful team of talent that enables them to make an even bigger and better offering. In case gamers have missed it, Remnant is essentially “Dark Souls with firearms.” This title is very much the same dark, foreboding, and cryptic venture that FromSoftware is known for with its titles, except it comes with its own spin.

For the uninitiated, Remnant 2: Rise from the Ashes does have quite a few nuances to it that give it its own fingerprint among the souls-like clones out there. For starters, there isn’t a locked path that players are forced to go on. Instead, when starting the game, they get to choose which biome to spawn at. Depending on which class they pick, particular biomes will complement accordingly to the selection of character type a player uses. This is also a multiplayer game, that comes with friendly fire. Of course, with certain archetypes, there are ways to go around this. This title is equally as bone-crushing as its kin and players will need to prep themselves properly before going in.

So, even though Remnant 2: Rise from the Ashes is pretty flexible on how a player goes about their journey, there is still a story in it. There are key places to explore and beat to keep the campaign moving forward. The classes in this game are known as “archetypes.” Unlike the rest of the Souls games out there, players don’t have to commit to their class the entire playthrough. They can actually switch them at any time. The trick is, that players will need a key item called ‘engrams‘ that enable them to make the change.

Different Archetypes

The different archetypes to start with are; Handler, Medic, Hunter, and Challenger. The Gunslinger is available for players who purchase the Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2. The Handler is generally the best choice for new players. This comes with a canine friend that can help incapacitate enemies and ease the stress of incoming hordes. They also come with an 80% reduction of friendly fire when playing with friends. For the  Medic, they naturally help regenerate injured players at 5% starting out, all the way up to 50% at level 10. Thus, they also come with instant relic charges after replenishing 250 HP.

The Hunter is very much like a recon class, having the ability to highlight enemies and dish out high DPS. This archetype is generally a good choice for new and seasoned players, alike. Thus, he also comes with the best range, making him a prime choice for plugging enemies from afar. Lastly, the Challenger is essentially the ‘heavy class.’ His default armor bogs him down with weight. Making him a cumbersome figure. He also comes with a perk that makes him invulnerable for 3 seconds and regains 100% of his health after dying. However, this comes with a cooldown period of ten minutes.

Different Resources To Find

Remnant 2 has a particular set of resources that can be used in varying ways. The two main types of resources to find are scrap and iron ingots. Scour the area and find every chest and crate available to dig into. Thus, be sure to check the map and look for red areas. This means that these areas haven’t been touched and they should be looked into. There are also secret areas that have jewelry and other top-tiered items. If you come across a duplicate, go ahead and pick it up. It will automatically be converted into scrap.

With iron, they can upgrade boss weapons to +3 and normal weapons up to +5. Forged iron upgrades boss weapons to +5 and normal weapons up to +10. Galvanized iron upgrades boss weapons to +7 and normal weapons to +15. Finally, hardened iron upgrades boss weapons’ to +9 and normal weapons to +19. When it comes to merchants, Cass at Ward 13 is known to have the best inventory. You can purchase a variety of items with scrap. Not to mention you can trade in unwanted items for scrap. Also, don’t forget that her inventory replenishes over time, so stop by regularly.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

The map in Remnant 2 is dense and teeming with secrets. There are puzzles, books, and riddles to solve in sundry variations. The environment in this title is meant to be explored, so don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path. Just like the Dark Souls games, there are indeed illusionary walls that can be walked through. There’s always something to find and solve throughout the different biomes. Even the bosses have secrets to them. These are heavily cryptic, but there are ways to deal with bosses without much stress.

In other words, players won’t have to fight the bosses. Instead, they can give them a tribute or just talk to them and bypass their blockade. There are certain ways to do this, involving special items and playing your cards right. Always go back to biomes and poke around. Certain puzzles will require particular keys, that only can be obtained later in the game. Also, there are also segments that require two or more players to solve. So, it is entirely possible to overlook secrets while playing Remnant 2’s campaign and it is encouraged to have a playthrough more than once.


There is much to learn when it comes to the mechanics of Remnant 2. It generally has the same foundation as Dark Souls and its ilk. However, many would argue that this title has more to offer in terms of gameplay. Especially, since it is a little more accessible for new players of this genre. Remnant 2 is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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