Multiversus: Marvin The Martian Guide

Multiversus is really starting to fatten up its list of characters with the inclusion of Marvin The Martian. Since its launch, it dabbled with its selection of Looney Tunes. Marvin The Martian made his first appearance back in 1948. He’s a rather significant pop culture staple, with very few appearances within the video game medium. In this game, he comes in the Assassin class, with a hefty selection of projectiles in his arsenal. Some would argue that he might belong in the Mage category. Nonetheless, he is the newest fighter to show up in Season 2 and there’s a lot to discover in his trick bag.

Despite Marvin the Martian being in the assassin class in Multiversus, he comes with a lot of defensive moves. Players will need to time their attacks perfectly to get the most out of him. His manipulation of projectiles can easily trip up enemies. He also comes with a few zoning attacks that can help with closing the distance with afar enemies. His specials may seem strange or even useless at first. With a little guidance, players will quickly see just how effective they are.

Move Set – Specials

To Me, My Glorious Ship

  • This ground up special will let Marvin the Martian summon a spaceship. It can be used as an extra platform, however, it can take damage and easily be destroyed. The main thing with this special is that the ship will launch a missile. Players can aim the rocket by simply moving Marvin around the map. There will be a laser guiding which way it will be going.

Acme Space-Time Rifle

  • This move is Marvin’s ground side special. He will fire an energy bubble which will cause to pull the opponent toward him. This will come in handy for setting up combos or just yanking away an enemy from an ally.

K-62 Projectile Modulator

  • Marvin the Martian will begin slamming a button on a remote with this neutral special. This can actually be used as an offensive attack, up close. However, the main deal with this move is the fact that it can reverse projectiles. This holds true for both Marvin and his teammate.

In The Name Of Mars!

  • Using this down special will let Marvin the Martian put down a flag on the ground. A light energy field will glow throughout a small proximity. This will affect enemies by debuffing them and also painting a target on them. Hence, this will allow the missile from the ‘To Me, My Glorious Ship’ attack to automatically home in.

Best Perks To Use

Space Invader

  • Marvin’s ground normal attack allows him to shoot in any direction by holding down the input button and aiming accordingly. However, he can’t do it in the air without this perk. With this perk equipped, Marvin can execute rather deadly air combos, as well.

R-33 Heat-Seekers

  • This perk basically allows his up special attack to launch multiple missiles at targets from his spaceship.

K-62 Modulator Mark V

  • Whenever Marvin reverses a projectile with his K-62 Projectile Modulator, it will be bigger in size and faster in speed.

Last Stand

  • This perk will allow players to deal extra damage with their attacks when their life is above 100. This will be a good perk to have when fighting enemies in the air, which Marvin excels at.


  • This buffs up projectiles and allows them to dish out extra damage. With Marvin’s rockets, this perk can go a long way.

Best Allies For Marvin The Martian

Marvin the Martian is a fairly universal character within Multiversus in terms of who he fights alongside. Being in the assassin class, his offensive aerial attacks can string some rather nice combos. As a good counterweight, teaming up with a bruiser class such as; Batman, Taz, and Morty, for example, are good selections. Additionally, the tank class is also a nice alternative. Characters such as; Superman and Wonderwoman can hold down the ground, while Marvin covers the air.

Marvin the Martian isn’t the most powerful character within Multiversus. He shines best solely within 2V2. His specials will break down opponents, while his teammate delivers finishing blows, ideally. It is possible to use him within 1V1 game modes, but having the right perks equipped will be essential in order to become triumphant.

Ground Attacks

Acme Bubble Blaster

  • Marvin will fire a large, green bubble from his blaster. It has the ability to deflect enemy projectiles while capturing and slowing down allies’ projectiles. Players can charge up this shoot, which will need a cooldown afterward.

Shoot The Moon

  • Players will be able to charge Marvin’s blaster and aim it in any direction overhead at 180 degrees.

Martian Arts Training

  • Marvin will unleash a 3-hit combo with him punching and kicking, followed by a projectile attack from his blaster.

A-1 Disintegrating Pistol

  • The trade-off for this move is that Marvin will take damage when using this attack. He will use his blaster to send a short electric beam to stun enemies. Thus, this can also disintegrate projectiles. This attack can also be used in the air and is rather effective for edge guarding.

Air Attacks

Cosmic Kicks

  • This attack will let Marvin kick his target up into the air, setting them up for combos.

Shoot The Moon

  • Even though Marvin the Martian can aim in different directions while on the ground with this move, he can’t do it in the air. He can only shoot straight up.

A-1 Disintegration Pistol

  • Now, even though this move can really help out with edge guarding while on the ground, when it comes to other characters in Multiversus, this move can also be a rather powerful spike attack while in the air. Marvin can only use the disintegration pistol downwards while airborne.

Acme Bubble Blaster

  • This attack is essentially the same in the air as it is on the ground. Of course, using it will cause Marvin the Martian to be exposed for a brief second. So, try to use it while away from the chaos ensuing on the map.

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