Five Fortnite Events We’ll Never Forget

Fortnite has cemented itself as one of the most diverse gaming collaborations in recent times. With different events spanning entire days that completely change the landscape and general foundation of their game, it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s happened sometimes. The entire landscape of Fortnite has changed on occasion. It used to be filled with buildings and trees, but nowadays you’ll find that the world of Fortnite was a host to a multitude of things. Including Viking boats, futuristic cities, and even the Daily Bugle. It’s been able to combine multiple IP’s due to the incredible team over at Epic Games. We wanted to look back and highlight some of the events that truly left a mark on us. So these are five events in Fortnite that we will never be able to forget.

Blast Off

You can’t have a list of iconic Fortnite moments without starting at the very beginning. Blast Off is something we’ll never forget because it’s the very first time that Epic Games tried something different and tried to get everyone in the lobby to experience a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It was unheard of. For players to have to write this into their calendar and make sure they were there. The concept was pretty simple. There had been a rocket ship in the arena for a while and finally, on June 30th it launched. It was huge because players were able to witness this event with everyone else in their lobby. Seeing the rocket going up in the sky, breaking off, and then the events that happened after will be an unforgettable time for every Fortnite gamer that was able to be there. Not to mention that it set off “The Crack” which would lead to even more change in the world of Fortnite. The Rocket later appeared also as an end to the current Fortnite world as we knew it in an event that would be known as “The End”.

Travis Scott’s Astronomical

Since Fornite started throwing events on their platform, we’ve seen a range of different artists and genres host their own type of concert. Some of them have been pretty simple like Marshmello’s and Diplo’s electronic throwdown. Then they escalated. They turned into a worldwide phenomenon where multiple streamers tune in with their viewers and experience the concerts. There have been some amazing ones but none of them have been quite as breathtaking as Travis Scott’s Astronomical. Maybe it was because it was the first one to reach these lengths or maybe it was just because it was that breathtaking. The way it starts with a normal stage and players are pushed back by giant speakers and Travis Scott goes “Astronomical” is fantastic and was put together so well by the people over at Epic Games. Definitely, something that will live on in the memories of players for years to come.

The Devourer of Worlds

Who would have thought that you would see Galactus, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Thor in a game that didn’t start with the word “Marvel”. So when Fortnite announced their Devourer of Worlds event it was a pretty exciting time. It meant that Marvel was coming to the Fortnite universe. Many thought that maybe it would just mean some playable characters but Epic Games was thinking bigger. A lot bigger. The Devourer of Worlds event is an epic battle against Galactus, a larger-than-life villain that is known in the Marvel universe for being a world eater. In the event, you start in a Hellcarrier and get to see Galactus approach from the distance. He starts off tiny but the closer he gets the larger he becomes. You’re on an aircraft and he’s still bigger than you while he’s standing. Which makes sense because in the comics, Galactus is the size of actual planets. The event then takes you on a journey where you get to fly an offensive battle bus and engage Galactus in a battle that leads to you saving the world. Not bad for a battle royale.

The End “Chapter 1”

If the beginning has to be included then of course so does the end. Fortnite knows when it’s time to switch things up. They’ve shown it time and time again by including new modes and new weapons that change the way players play. It’s what’s kept Fortnite at the top of so many people’s games to play. But sometimes you just need a reset and Fortnite did that by calling back to its very first event. The rocketship game back from the rift and it brought along friends. This event had players watch as rocket ships jumped from rift to rift until finally all seven rockets and a giant meteor crashed into the world of Fortnite, sending it into a black hole and erasing everything. It was shocking and it was something we had never seen a game do. Fortnite really changed the way we look at Battle Royales and showed us how much-untapped potential there is in them.

The End “Chapter 2”

Throughout the years Epic has brought events that left us truly mesmerized. Like anything, with each event they got better. The End “Chapter 2” is a testament to that. Epic cultivated everything that they’ve learned and put theirs all into another game-defining event that looked to completely change the landscape of the map. What we love about The End events is that they’re so destructive. You’re taken through this massive battle against the Cube Queen where rifts open and a giant pyramid submerges. It’s breathtaking and honestly being able to follow the events of the story is something that really gives Fortnite life. The multiplayer is already addictive enough, but the fact that Epic gives us moments like this where we can truly take in the world and the lore is special. In this one, you see the whole island just completely flip. It happens right in front of the players as they float aimlessly in the water. It’s mesmerizing and it’s definitely a moment that we’ll never forget.

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