The Ultimate Video Game Squadron

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I’ve seen Gary’s Mod responsible for a lot of insane stuff over the years, but nothing quite this…amazing. Through a series of mods, LoneFireWarrior managed to collect the best sci-fi heroes from the current console generation and throw them all together into one badass super squadron.

Master Chief fighting side by side with Samus Aran, Commander Shepard, Isaac Clarke and many, many more is a sight to behold, and this series shows the squad in a variety of both strenuous and peaceful circumstances.

This. This is the Super Smash Bros. cast we need. Screw licensing! Just do it already.

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  1. To hell with FFXIII. I played that game for an hour and all it consisted of was making someone run down ONE path and then pressing the auto-fight button. If your game plays itself for you it’s a stupid game.
    Everyone else in these pictures if fine, though…

  2. Im pretty sure Optimus Prime is in one of the pictures too. And you would have to be Commander Sheppard to get a crew with that many bad asses to work together.

  3. >>I love this idea and the art is fantastic…but why on earth isn’t Samus wearing her suit?

    My thoughts exactly. All these images would have been the very essence of awesome if the artist had decided to put Armour samus in there instead of skimpy samus.

    >>Why isn’t Shepard hooking up with everyone?
    I can do without. But I do wonder why he haven’t. Geuss he left his swagg in his other pair of space pants.

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