Movie Recommendation of the Week: The Commitments

There have been plenty of movies about music and those that chronicle bands and singers.   But I don’t think I’ve seen one quite as refreshing as The Commitments.    This film covers just about every angle you could imagine from the musical perspective.  From formation, to touring, to fighting, to talent, it’s a great movie to watch.  Here’s the synopsis on Wikipedia:

Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins) aspires to manage the world’s greatest band, with only one music in mind: soul. Disgusted with bands in Ireland, he assembles a soul band in the tradition of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Wilson Pickett. Jimmy holds auditions at his parents’ house and assembles a group of young musicians. Unlike his idols, Jimmy’s band is all white. With the help of Joey “The Lips” Fagan, the veteran musician in the band who has unlikely stories about meeting and working with famous musicians, Jimmy begins to whip the rest of the members into shape – only to have the group fall apart in a clash of egos.

It’s a mostly unknown cast but the lead singer who’s supposed to be 16 in the movie has a ridiculous voice.  And it’s really him.   His real name is Andrew Strong and the guy still sings today.   Anyway, it’s a great movie and I think you guys should check it out.

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Have you got soul?

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  1. The lead singer was only 15 when they filmed this. His character was suppose to be an attractive and vain person (based on George Micheal’s looks-the singer not the kid from Arrested Development) but his voice won him the role and they changed it to where he was a slob and rude.

    Great flick.

  2. I discovered this movie on a local affiliate years ago and had to go buy the DVD. Defiantly a classic. I didn’t know the lead singer was still singing, now I’m all over youtube listening to stuff. Gotta love that voice.

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