I Don’t Understand Dumb Running Sonic, But It’s Awesome

So clearly I’ve missed some sort of big internet inside joke here, because I don’t understand the existence of the Tumblr DumbRunningSonic. It’s a blog 100% dedicated to people making GIFs of Sonic the Hedgehog running in the absolute dumbest way possible. Why? I have no idea, but that doesn’t make it not amazing.

I’ve compiled some of the best goofy GIFs created on the site which you can check out below. If I knew anything about animating, I’d make my own, but if any of you want to join in on the strange trend, you can submit your own GIF to the site here.

Sonic starts running like an idiot below:

More idiotic running on the next page.

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  1. This is amazing. Such a simple concept, taken by creative and talented people, and made into something that is at the same time utterly idiotic and endlessly enjoyable.

  2. In the games they censor it. All those little beads you collect are actually drugs. the pictures are what sonic would look like without the censoring of the gaming making him look the same as “before”

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